July 18, 2024

Journalist in Portugal explains Jesus in Benfica and opportunity in Gallo: ‘The Open Door’

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Journalist in Portugal explains Jesus in Benfica and opportunity in Gallo: 'The Open Door'
Journalist in Portugal explains Jesus in Benfica and opportunity in Gallo: 'The Open Door'

Mamedi Filho talks about the failure of the Portuguese club’s leadership and says the opportunity to come to Gallo is very possible.

In Portugal, news The departure of Jorge Jesus from Benfica, initially by mutual agreementIt wasn’t a surprise. The poor results were criticized by the press and especially by fans, and his resignation was only a matter of time. An old athlete’s dream and with Confirmation of coach Coca’s departure on Tuesday (28)Speculation that the Portuguese will return to Brazil is only gaining strength.

But let’s start from the beginning. According to journalist Mamedi Filho, of Sport TV, in Portugal, his time at Estádio da Luz was marked by failure. “On Tuesday ended, in a sad way, Jorge Jesus’ second spell at Benfica, which started in August 2020, right after he won the Libertadores and the Brazilian Nationals titles with Flamengo and in which he imagined he would be the captain of Benfica. He will return to great national achievements and play a relevant role in European competitions. “.

But that is not what happened. “He failed to win major titles with Benfica in these two years, and did not have the support of the fans, who challenged the return of Jesus before his signature, who accepted him at the time but did not support him. In recent months, with production on the field declining, the stands have asked him to leave” .

According to Philo, Jesus is not only interested in Brazil, but the destination should really be the South American country. “Now, Jesus is starting to look ahead. Some clubs outside Portugal, but Europeans, who might be interested, like Fenerbahce, from Turkey, are already spreading in the Portuguese press. But it is said that Jesus’ biggest interest is to return to Brazil,” he explained.

According to him, the chance of the Portuguese to lead Gallo in 2022 is very real. “Flamingo’s arrival here before the classics with Porto was very bad here and caused a strain in the relationship between him and the Rio team. Now there is one speculation that Atletico, with the departure of Coca, enter the battle for employment. Jesus has never hidden that in Brazil he would prefer to train Flamengo , but it is clear, after all this situation, that the doors of Atlético are very exciting and he could already land in Belo Horizonte in the coming weeks.”

At the moment there is nothing solid about this potential coming of Jorge Jesus to Minas Gerais in the Portuguese press, just a fallout from what the Brazilian vehicles are reporting. In 2021, the coach led Benfica in 30 matches, with 20 wins, five draws and five defeats.

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