October 7, 2022
Journalist says climate is "not good at all" for Patrick de Paula in Botafogo: "behavior in training and situation in question"

Journalist says climate is “not good at all” for Patrick de Paula in Botafogo: “behavior in training and situation in question”

ESPN journalist Renato Rodriguez He posted a text on his Instagram profile and said he had unfavorable information about it Patrick de Paula In the Botafogo. The midfielder was booed in the 2-1 defeat to Goiásthis Monday, in Nilton Santos Stadiumfor losing the ball in the decisive goal of the match.

According to the analyst, Patrick de Paula “didn’t give everything he had for the club on a daily basis”.

It is also true that the mood is not at all good for him in the new club. There are many internal questions about their behavior in training, their attitude towards colleagues … (Information). Regardless of in-game performance, bids sometimes “drop” (ANALYSIS) – Renato Rodriguez pointed out.

The journalist demands a behavioral change from the player himself and asks Botafogo about employment.

– The truth is that I am amazed that Botafogo paid what I paid without investigating the athlete’s history. Honestly, I don’t know how the process of working with the new owner went. I’m not here to blame anyone. But it is problematic. Even because in Palmeiras it was very clear that the refrigerator they were taking had nothing to do with its quality or its deficiency. It’s not a case of “Abel doesn’t like base”. far from it. He explained that the conversation was indeed behavioral.

Patrick is of humble origins. But, more than ever, you will need an out-of-field structure to guide you on the right path. goes to the head. I will never judge this. But the later he didn’t turn the key, his chances of it becoming a reality diminished.”