September 28, 2023
Journalist sees Independiente del Valle as a mirror and praises Textor's ideas in Botafogo: 'Fantastic project'

Journalist sees Independiente del Valle as a mirror and praises Textor’s ideas in Botafogo: ‘Fantastic project’

John Textor invest heavily in Botafogo After a successful career in communications and cinema in the United States. Now, the American businessman, in football, wants to make history too – and of course keep his investments going. journalist Tim Vickery Saw a glimpse of the market in Textor Ideas.

– I think what he wants is a difference in Independiente del Vallefrom Ecuador. It is a team that reveals a player, the difference is that it wants to control the future selling point. He wants to take it to Belgium, to Crystal Palace, if he takes this product from Crystal Palace to a big producer in England, he makes money. This is the project in terms of business – said Vickery, at Redação SporTV.

For the British journalist, the BBC’s Brazil correspondent, John Textor’s sports project for Botafogo is fantastic, but it all also has to do with potential future sales to recover the money contributed.

There is also a football project. He wants a team that plays in a completely different style than what Brazilian football has become. There are two reasons: 1) He wants to play offensive football, with possession of the ball, because it will show his players a better sell in the future. And 2) it’s the football he knows and loves – Tim Vickery said.

– What made it like football is excellence … He mentions Bayern Munich, Bernardo Silva, Guardiola’s teams. Now he wants to bring that to Botafogo. He’s already shown what he wants, sending off Série B champion Anderson. In a soft way, speaking almost like declaring war on Brazilian football, it’s a great project – wrapped up.