February 6, 2023
Journalists from Minas analyze Kino, close to the Fluminense promotion

Journalists from Minas analyze Kino, close to the Fluminense promotion

Keno will be bought by Fluminense from Atlético-MG (Photo: Pedro Souza – CAM)

Fluminense have already entered into an agreement with Keino and will announce the striker next week🇧🇷 The club will buy the 33-year-old from Atlético MG For one million euros (about 5.6 million Brazilian reals). Lance report He spoke with two journalists from the state of Minas Gerais to assess the characteristics of the new boost Tricolor🇧🇷

Keno is a very technical player. He’s been very important to being one of the champions of Atlético-MG since he arrived to play in Brazilian de 2020. He really stood out a lot at that time, but at the final stage of the tournament an injury got in his way. He’s the only player he’s ever had to play one-on-one, this sprint. A player who is the team’s escape valve, very important and who performed very well on the left flank in a brace with Arana. He’s a player who could be very important for Fluminense in this regard, mainly to push the counter-attack technically – said Breno Galante, of Rádio 90.3 FM BH, before adding:

– Now, he must have someone to support him on the left side, like Arana, who did the double and is not isolated on the left side. Needs to improve the team’s tactical understanding. With Sampaoli, he played wide open on the touchline and didn’t need to come back. He’s used to playing that way. When Cuca arrived at Atlético-MG, he was told to come back to score and close down the middle when he was on offense. Kino had difficulty understanding this at first and even questioned him at a press conference, saying he would lack the gas to come back and then counterattack. When he was no longer hesitating and understood that he was the best thing for the team, he started doing it. Including the goal that earned the Roosters the 2021 title against him Bahia This is how the center closed, received and hit from outside the area. Another important point is that it ends well.

Fabio Vital, from Radio Enconfidencia, also gave his views.

Keno is a player who is distinguished for being a sharp attacker, with good dribbling and speed and excellent in one-on-one tackles. In perfect physical conditions, he endured well all the matches he was playing at Atlético. I think these are characteristics that can help Fluminense a lot in the season’s competitions, especially the cup editorsWhich takes a lot from the player physically. In addition, Keno has competition experience. He reached the semi-finals in the 2022 season. Maybe he needs to improve physically. The last two seasons have been one of muscle injuries and long stretches. This broke his fine sequence – he said, and continued:

– In good physical conditions, I think Keno can be decisive. Unmissable traits. It’s not an excellent sign, age doesn’t favor it very much. It is essential to think of a scheme that will best serve his football. He is well experienced in national and international competitions and can repeat performances at a high level.

From Breno’s point of view, the Atlético-MG board has decided to negotiate with Keno now that he has a contract until 2023 and can sign a pre-contract with other clubs in the middle of the year. This situation displeased sports fans.

– This is highly disputed by fans who did not agree with Kino’s departure. But Atlético-MG understands that since his contract expires in December 2023, he can sign a pre-contract in the middle of the year and leave for free. A move that thinks more about the financial aspect, also because Fluminense offered money, and Gallo has a complex financial situation and needs to reach the goal of selling the club’s players. All of this carries weight and has an economy for a player who does not earn a low salary. And also because Atlético-MG, which monitors the market, saw an excellent opportunity to bring in Paulinho and even expected his arrival. A young player with experience in Europe and an Olympic medalist. The club also believes in rejuvenation ejaculate And the team to be supplied with oxygen – wrap up.