July 23, 2024

Judge rejects Facebook’s attempt to file US no-confidence motion | Technology

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Judge rejects Facebook's attempt to file US no-confidence motion |  Technology
Judge rejects Facebook's attempt to file US no-confidence motion |  Technology

A federal judge To us The no-confidence motion filed by the regulators against was decided last Tuesday (11) Facebook Continue. According to him, the current complaint is stronger and more comprehensive than one Version denied in 2021.

The lawsuit was probably funded by the United States Federal Trade Commission (FTC) Facebook, Now called the controller Meta, Created an illegal monopoly by acquiring potential competitors such as Instagram e Share.

The Commission had put forward First complaint in December 2020, But Judge James E. Boasberg In June 2021 the charge was dismissed Understanding that she needs more details, especially to define the market Facebook I will be monopolized

In August 2021, The FTC filed a second complaint, In which he presented new analyzes and facts. This document is currently accepted by the US Justice.

The Commission continues Facebook Has long held a monopoly on the market and maintains that monopoly illegally, “Boasberg wrote last Tuesday (11).

“However, the facts stated this time to reinforce these principles are much stronger and more comprehensive than before,” he acknowledged.

As he mentioned The FTC “may face difficult task to prove its allegations in the future”, but pointed out that the case will not be dropped..

Facebook tried to sue

In the end, Boasberg’s attempt was rejected Facebook To register the most recent version of the complaint. The company said the decision to reopen the case was due to a bias against FTC President Lina Khan.

In the restructuring case, the FTC blames Facebook Its ecosystem is conceived because it is “protected by high barriers to entry” and “even entering with a superior product is not successful”.

The process of going to court before reaching a settlement can take years. Requests a “Property Exclusion” order from the FTC Facebook, Including WhatsApp and Instagram, have been identified as necessary steps to revive the competition.

Judge Bosberg’s decision was another blow Facebook, Which faces strong research in 2021 Facebook Papers.

The case became known after the Whistleblower Francis Hogan Leaked internal documents that executives pointed out from Facebook Knew Damage that services can cause to their users, Especially the younger ones.

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