October 1, 2022
Juliet accused of hospital stardom: 'They invent ridiculous things'

Juliet accused of hospital stardom: ‘They invent ridiculous things’

Juliet came out as a fan of “BBB 21” (Image: Instagram/Instagram/@Juliette)

Beloved of the audience since the victory in “BBB 21”, Juliet Freire She got involved in her first out-of-home controversy, but she didn’t keep quiet. It all started when the sister underwent surgery to change her breast implants in Rio de Janeiro. Surprisingly, she was accused of “stardom attack” at Cuba Star Hospital.

Globo’s reality hero is still recovering, use Instagram to comment on the news. She said that even without giving the “game name”, care should be taken with profiles spreading gossip. He began, “I’ll hold my tongue and give you some advice. Stop trying to denigrate others. They invent very silly, anonymous things to go in and get stuck. It’s not worth it.”

“There is so much going on in the world, the good and the bad. You can use your talent, your strength, your energy, your presence, to do something that has an impact on society, and that makes a difference. Then you use your energy for something so trivial and small. Stop! You will grow up,” continued the influencer.

Juliette Freire has been protected by a great team since leaving “BBB 21”. It is difficult for a woman from Paraíba to get involved in scandals and quarrels. She even said recently that she knows her power of influence which is why she avoids commenting on “BBB 22”. But everything has its first time, right?