January 28, 2023

Juliet reacts to the mention of her name in a discord game

Julieta hero BBB 21 (Globo), did not leave State your name In the second game of discord from the BBB 23 missed passes.

The name of the ex-sister was mentioned by Paula, who responded to a comment from Marilla saying, “You want to act like Juliet, poor guy… It’s not enough, love!”

Shortly after being mentioned on TV, during the live program, Juliette posted a GIF of herself on BBB:

Why did Marilia and Paula argue? In a game of contention, she chooses Marilia Fred Nicasio To go with her to the final, and He gives two bombs to Gabrielle and Paula.

Marilia: “I put the bomb on them because they were the couple, and as soon as I set foot in the house, I felt bad in front of looks and behavior. I came here to play fair and real, and this is a dirty game. I tried to get some sort of word or connection, but I had no opening.” “

Paula: “I never said anything about you to anyone, until the information came that they started making jokes after they won the leader’s test at home. There, I said that people make fun of them and who play jokes I can’t handle. No I have information about you from the outside, I don’t know how you are with your friends “

You want to play Juliet, you poor sufferer… There’s no love! Paula


Through Paula’s official profile, her team released an official statement:

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