August 15, 2022
July will witness Deir al-Qamar and the meteor showers

July will witness Deir al-Qamar and the meteor showers

Supermoon in Imbé in June. Photo: Vinicius Emmanuelle

Named “Pac Moon”, or Deer Moon, – in a free translation – by Native American culture in the United States, the full moon of July, which is also the third supermoon of the year, will be one of the major astrological events of the month that has a full agenda Watch lovers.

The winter of 2022, which begins on June 21, is considered the best time for astronomical observations. With low atmospheric humidity, clear skies and long nights make it easy to catch starlight.

Already on Monday (04), the Earth will be placed in the aphelion – the point in orbit where the greatest possible distance from the Sun is recorded. The Deer Moon begins its cycle on July 6, when it enters the crescent phase.

Perigee—the phase in which a natural satellite is closest to Earth that characterizes a supermoon—occurs on July 13, the day the phenomenon reaches its climax.

The name “Deer Moon” is attributed to the annual growth cycle of male deer antlers, which typically fall in January or February and reach their peak growth in July, which may be fully formed during the mating season, which is from September to December.

July also holds the Austral Delta Aquarids, a meteor that can be observed from the last week of the month through mid-August. During this phenomenon, it will be possible to observe the tracks left by the cluster of comets Marsden and Kracht. The event can start between July 12 and 14, and reach its climax from 28 to 29. There are no restrictions on surveillance in Brazil; Residents of all regions will be able to watch the light show in the night sky.

In addition to observations, the month also holds astronomical events for those with beliefs related to locating the stars. Saturn, Jupiter, Mercury, Mars, and Venus will have a lunar conjunction that can be seen in the morning sky.

See the NASA calendar.

  • Saturn and Moon: July 15
  • Jupiter and Moon: July 18
  • Mars and Moon: July 21
  • Venus and Moon: July 26
  • Mercury and the Moon: July 29