July 3, 2022
jumped off the ferry?  Grêmio could lose his MLS star

jumped off the ferry? Grêmio could lose his MLS star

NS Syndicate I managed to get hired Douglas Costa After insisting on conducting negotiations with the player. However, the information provided by Cesar Fabrice of Radio Gre-Nal, questioned the athlete’s viability for 2022. That is because, according to him, the player received an offer from one of the Major League Soccer (MLS) clubs.

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The information indicated by the journalist from Radio Greenal confirmed that Los Angeles FC, of ​​the American League, made an offer from Douglas Costa. But the player refused it.

In order for Douglas Costa to play in the North American team, he was offered a contract worth $ 7 million (about 39 million reais). However, to find out how much he will earn per month through this contract, we will have to know the term of the contract, which is something we did not get from the information.

Douglas Costa turned down the offer, believing that this would not be the time to leave the club. After all, Grêmio is now fighting to leave the drop zone. But, even if he accepts, he can only move to the North American team on February 12, which is when the MLS transfer window opens.

Grêmio could lose his MLS star

If Douglas didn’t really leave Costa Gremio heading to Major League Soccer because it wasn’t the right time, we can’t rule out the possibility of the player moving at the end of the season.

Currently, due to the football he was playing, Douglas Costa leaving the Etihad is a good deal. Well, his football did not justify such an investment he made.

However, it should be noted that the athlete is loaned only to Grêmio. Therefore, if he leaves the club, the tricolor will not receive anything in return.

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Photo: Los Angeles FC