February 1, 2023
(crédito: Foto: AFP/Mauro Pimentel - AFP/Evaristo Sá)

Justice Eduardo Bolsonaro orders Chico Buarque’s “Roda Viva” removed from the publication

Posted on 12/16/2022 22:45

(Photo credit: AFP / Mauro Pimentel – AFP / Evaristo Sá)

A Rio judge decided on Friday, the 16th, that Federal Deputy Eduardo Bolsonaro (PL-SP) immediately removes the song “Roda Viva”, by Chico Buarque, from a post made on a social network. Failure to comply with the decision will result in a daily fine of R$1,000.

a The case sparked controversy at the end of last month, when substitute judge Monica Ribeiro Teixeira rejected the same request made by the composer’s defense. According to her, there was not enough evidence that “Roda Viva” was written by Chico Buarque.

This Thursday, the 15th, lawyer Joao Tancredo filed a new lawsuit. This time, Judge Fernando Rocha Lovesi made a different decision. According to Tancredo, the legal piece filed is now practically identical to the previous piece. Asked what would have changed, the lawyer said: “Knowledge of Brazilian popular music to those who analyzed the case.”

“Anyway, we’re past the unreasonable controversy over the song’s authorship,” said Tancredo. “We can now focus on the main objective of the operation, which is to treat Shekou’s work with respect and the rigor of the law with the transgressions of the deputy. In fact, this is the kind of focus that should be resumed in several regions of the country.”

In addition to the urgent request for the song to be removed from the post, the action also accuses the federal prosecutor of paying R$48,000 in damages and publishing the guilty verdict on the same social network in which the work was used inappropriately. . Eduardo Bolsonaro used the music of Chico Buarque in a post about the alleged political arrests of supporters of his father, President Jair Bolsonaro.