March 24, 2023
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Justice gives more deadline to plan voluntary resignation from Furnas

The subsidiary is the largest company of the Eletrobras Group; The union will sue Justice to extend the decision to the recently privatized company

The labor court decided to extend the deadline for joining the POS (Voluntary Separation Plan) from Firnas, the largest subsidiary of Eletrobras🇧🇷 The deadline will end on Friday (November 18, 2022), but it has been extended to November 30. Here it is Full of of resolution (101 KB).

According to attorney Marcos Nieves, who filed the lawsuit at Labor Court No. 46 of Rio de Janeiro, the Solidarity (Union workers for energy companies of Rio de Janeiro and the region) must file a lawsuit again from Monday (November 21) to extend the decision to the entire Eletrobras group.

In October, the company launched a point of sale targeting retired and retired employees. According to President Wilson Ferreira Jr., the The idea isoxygenPrivatized Eletrobras and reduce costs.

a PDV has set an adhesion deadline of 15 days🇧🇷 It also suggested compensation for the employees’ health plan for a period of 3 years.

It turns out that, according to Sintergia, Eletrobras’ PDV offers fewer terms than the 2019 resignation plan, which provided continuity of the workers’ health plan for 3 years. This would violate an agreement made with the TST (Labour Supreme Court), which prevented Eletrobras from offering lower terms than those stipulated in the previous PDV.

Sintergia’s initial action was intended to oblige Furnas – whose points of sale are the same as those of Eletrobras – to provide better conditions for employee health plans. However, Judge Lila Carolina Mota Pessoa Igrejas Lopes decided to extend the joining period to hear the subsidiary and rule on the merits of the lawsuit.

This is the first PDV of the privatized Eletrobras, which should reach other employees from 2023. The power is 360 It found, however, that there were expectations among union leaders that the new Labor government would exert more influence on Eletrobras and push for a reduction in dismissals.

The Brazilian state remains a shareholder in Eletrobras, although it no longer has shareholder control over the company. Thus, the government can influence the strategic decisions of the company.