June 6, 2023
Justin Bieber comments on suspension of tour after rock in Rio: 'I'm tired out' |  Rock in Rio 2022

Justin Bieber comments on suspension of tour after rock in Rio: ‘I’m tired out’ | Rock in Rio 2022

Justin Beiber Comment on the suspension of the Tour in Latin America, after playing at The Rock in Rio on Sunday (4). Watch, above, the best moments of the show at the festival.

The Canadian singer released on Tuesday (6) A Statement informing the postponement of performances in São PauloChile and Argentina. According to the press office, it was not canceled. However, there is no information about the new dates. (Read details below).

The artist attributed the comment to Ramsay Hunt syndrome, it’s you Caused facial paralysis in June. he is He stopped playing shows in North America due to illness. In 2019, the singer was diagnosed with Lyme disease.

At Rock in Rio, Bieber played amid rumors that he would cancel the remainder of the tour to take care of his mental health.

“Last weekend, I sang in rock in Rio and gave everything I had to people in Brazil. After leaving the stage, exhaustion gripped me and I realized I needed to make my health a priority now,” the artist said.

“So I’m taking a break from touring at the moment. I’ll be fine, but I need time to rest and get better.” Read the full note below:

Justin Bieber comments on performances being suspended after rock music in Rio – Photo: Reproduction/Twitter/T4F

The two shows are sold out in Sao Paulo and will take place on September 14 and 15.

According to a statement, presentations were suspended in Chile, scheduled for Wednesday (7), and Argentina, scheduled for Saturday (10) and Sunday (11).

In addition to performances in South America, the tour originally had dates in countries such as South Africa, the United Arab Emirates, Israel, India, and Japan. The last show was scheduled for March 2023, in Poland.

Tour comment note

Read Time For Fun’s statement about the tour’s suspension below:

We regret to inform you that due to artist Justin Bieber’s personal problems, ‘Justice World Tour Latin America’ has been suspended, including its performances in Sao Paulo that will take place on September 14 and 15.

We will soon release additional information about ticket refunds or maintenance procedures for ticket holders.

To the fans who bought tickets and were eagerly waiting to see their idol, we share your frustration. We are together and we hope Bieber will be back in Sao Paulo as soon as possible.”

Justin Bieber performs on the third night of rock band in Rio – Photo: clone