March 30, 2023
Justin Bieber performs at Rock in Rio, but cancels tour shows

Justin Bieber performs at Rock in Rio, but cancels tour shows

The world of believers as lovers Justin Beiber, will collapse upon reading the following lines. After a long discussion with the cast of The Rock in Rio, Justin Bieber agreed to continue his show at the festival, but all his shows will be canceled in the next few days due to mental health issues. As reported exclusively by this columnist, Bieber arrived on Brazilian soil on Friday (2/9).

. sources LeoDias column Associated with Rock in Rio reported that Bieber is going through a sensitive psychological moment and that is why he has canceled all other shows that were to take place in the next few days in Chile, on the 7th, Argentina, on the 10th and 11th, and Sao Paulo, on the 14th and 15th. Also, according to sources , the singer would be irreducible to go up on stage for a while and demand that all the remainder of the tour be canceled in order to take care of him emotionally.

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Although it continued to be shown in Rock In Rio, the task was not easy for the production of the festival, which has lived a real nightmare with the pop star in recent weeks. To be more precise, until Thursday (1/9) when he was still not sure Bieber would make it to the world stage. By the way, The Rock in Rio team fought valiantly to not cancel one of their most anticipated artists. Here we also underscore the great work done by the Rock In Rio team to keep Bieber and not disappoint the singer’s fans.

At the end of Friday morning (2/9), the festival announced schedule changes for Justin Bieber and Iron Maiden. Both have been reset to earlier times than usual. In a conversation with Rock in Rio’s press office, our reporting team was informed that the band’s presentation followed the same pattern as the latest release, while Bieber was moved to 11 p.m. The festival itself was unable to explain the reason for the change.

Also, according to sources in the column, the show could have been modified at the request of the singer, who intends to do the show and sequentially leave Brazil, as the rest of the schedule has been cancelled.

On August 18, fans of the star received news of the cancellation of Meet & Greet, an opportunity that included fan photos and other perks in the artist’s dressing room. The decision came out of concern for the health of the singer, band, crew and fans, according to ticket site Ticket For Fun.

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