Justin Trudeau promises to act, supports Ensaf Haidar

Justin Trudeau promet d’agir, soutient Ensaf Haidar

The prime minister Justin Trudeau has promised to Ensaf Haidar that Canada was going to act as quickly as possible in the back of her husband, Raif Badawi, imprisoned in saudi Arabia for several years. The prime minister has taken the time to meet with Mrs. Haidar for a thirty-minute margin the retirement of his cabinet of ministers in Sherbrooke.

“It was good, I spoke with Mr. Trudeau and he gave me the promise that he was going to do something, said Ensaf Haidar to the many media representatives on site. I don’t know what is the strategy, but he has promised me to do something. It has given me hope. “

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Ensaf Haidar has sought details of Mr. Trudeau about his meeting with the crown prince at the G20 in December. She hopes that Canada do more than he has done up to now.

“I don’t know exactly what is done with the governments, but I would like to see something. I’d like Canada to do more because I’m canadian. “

“It is important for the prime minister and for me to have the opportunity to speak with her directly and reassure them that the situation of Raif Badawi continues to be a priority for Canada. We had an important conversation to hear his ideas and his perspective. Of course, Ensaf Haidar, and his family are in a situation really difficult. They have the sympathy of the entire country, ” said asked by chrystia Freeland, canadian minister of foreign Affairs, at the output of the meeting. She has not responded to journalists ‘ questions. The prime minister Justin Trudeau has not met with the media.

Canadian citizenship?
A canadian citizen since 2018, Ensaf Haidar, claimed canadian citizenship for her husband, detained in saudi Arabia since 2012 for statements he made on his blog. The blogger was sentenced to 10 years in prison, nearly $ 300,000 in fines and 1000 lashes, in addition to a ban to leave the country at the end of his sentence. He had received 50 lashes in 2015; the administration of the sentence has not resumed.

“Justin Trudeau told me that he was going to see. He did not say yes, not say no, ” said Ms. Haidar.

Remember that in the beginning of the day, the minister of international Development, Marie-Claude Bibeau, has tempered the expectations of Ensaf Haidar on her application for canadian citizenship for her husband.

“I understand that, on a symbolic level, it may be important for Ensaf, but at a diplomatic level, I do not see in how far it could be helping them “, commented Ms. Bibeau.

According to Hervé Cassan, professor at the faculty of law of the University of Sherbrooke and former policy advisor to the secretary-general of the United Nations, Canada could theoretically give canadian citizenship to Raif Badawi, but the impact on the situation of the blogger could be virtually zero.

“The granting of a nationality is the power of a state and there is nothing to prevent legally the canadian state to grant canadian citizenship to Raif Badawi, he says, but saudi Arabia would not be concerned by this decision and it would not have any effect on it. Abstractly it is possible, but legally it is complicated and it is not obvious that this is the right solution. “

“I believe that it should be seen as a way to Ensaf Haidar to maintain the mobilization of public opinion because it is something that we can understand,” says-t it. With Isabelle Pawn

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