Juvenile Prostitution: a parliamentary committee will compile an inventory

Prostitution juvénile: une commission parlementaire dressera l'état des lieux

QUEBEC — teens 13 or 14 years of age are to be delivered in grazing pimps, unscrupulous, and without the government services and the forces of law and order to know how to intervene with effectiveness.

To tackle this problem, two members of parliament caquistes, Ian Lafrenière, and Lise Lavallée, propose to hold a special parliamentary committee, whose mandate would be to draw up an inventory and make recommendations to the government.

At a press conference Wednesday, the two mps were very concerned about the extent of the phenomenon of juvenile prostitution in Quebec, and they hope that a parliamentary commission will be the ideal forum to find the means to prevent and suppress child prostitution.

“After 25 years in law enforcement, I have personally been able to see the evil of juvenile prostitution in Quebec”, commented the ex-Montreal police officer Ian Lafrenière, who is the parliamentary assistant to the minister of public Safety.

The company has too often been evidence of willful blindness in this area, according to the mp, who recalled that half of the prostitutes are underage.

Despite the scale of the phenomenon and caused major damage in its young victims, there is no comprehensive picture of the juvenile prostitution in Quebec, ” said Mr. Lafreniere, who wants to remedy the situation.


However, “the average age of entry into prostitution is around 14-15 years old. Some are recruited as young as 12 years old. These are practically children who are referred”, has denounced for its part, the mp Lise Lavallée, who is said to want to eliminate the problem at the source.

The city of Montreal is a hub of prostitution in Canada, ” said Ms. Lavallee.

The role played by the customers will also be discussed during the work of this commission, if any, if the parliamentarians agree to take up this project.

“If there is child prostitution, is that there are customers. They are at the heart of the problem and they will therefore be specifically considered in the reflection” come, said the mp concerned also to think to take charge of the young girls who manage to get out of the clutches of the pimps.

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