March 31, 2023
Kaka's wife Carol Celico refutes that she sought reconciliation before his marriage

Kaka’s wife Carol Celico refutes that she sought reconciliation before his marriage

Carol Days He said, exclusively to Kim, that the ex-wife kakaThe former player’s quest was reportedly sought by Carol Celico to attempt reconciliation before he remarried. Silico used the press office to deny the rumor in a statement to the portal.

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A few months before Kaka’s wedding, in 2019, news emerged of a possible attempt at reconciliation, but the information was immediately rejected by both Caroline and Kaka. They both have an excellent relationship and a lot of respect over their 14 years of many accomplishments when they were together and for the beautiful family they formed with two adorable kids. We once again regret the situation and hope that maturity will bring more security and clarity to those who need it.”

“A few months before our marriage, there was an attempt by her (not him, as they said in a false report) to resume the marriage and I was aware of everything that was going on, so we hadn’t considered an invitation,” Carol Days said in an interview with Kim.

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