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Kananda Eller is a Black Science Advocate, and she’s in the year 2021 in Science

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Kananda Eller is a Black Science Advocate, and she's in the year 2021 in Science
Kananda Eller is a Black Science Advocate, and she's in the year 2021 in Science

With 60.8% of the vote, Kananda Eller (Tweet embed) selected by readers Tweet embed Baiana of the Year Award in the Science category for the prize promoted by the Baianidades column signed by journalists João Galdea (Tweet embedand Andrei UzedaTweet embed) number Tweet embed. Arthur Igor Lima (COM)Tweet embed(He ranked second with 26.4% and covid-19 veins)Tweet embed) in third place with 12.8%.

Kananda is a graduate in Chemistry, advocates for Black Science and tries to make this universe accessible to everyone on social networks. Nominated for the 2021 TikTok Awards, a national award for digital influencers. She is a master’s student in Environmental Science Teaching at the University of São Paulo (USP).

The finalists in the science category were coordinated by Jorge Gautier (Tweet embed). Journalist, specialist in science and technology journalism from the UFBA, Coordinator of Digital Actions at CORREIO and presenter of the Saúde & Bem-Estar Program at Tweet embed Every Tuesday at 6 pm live.

How was the pledge of allegiance chosen?

In total, there were 171,550 votes – readers chose, in fact, the categories for which they were able to vote. (Check all voting numbers at the end of the report).

In the category of art and culture, actor and director Wagner Moura; Bahian of the Year in Music, according to the popular vote, was the singer-songwriter JADSA; In the writer’s literature Luciani Aparecida The winner was science, the award goes to science reporter Kananda or; In humor and the Internet, the audience’s favorite (even with the most votes among all categories) was the influencer and comedian. Thiago Souzaand Pyrikito. Finally, in the duel for gold medalists at the Tokyo Olympics, the boxer won Hebert ConciasoBut it was for points…

Click here to see all of this year’s nominees, with curators voting justifications.

Honorable warnings and promises
The list of candidates is drawn up, as in the first edition of Baianos do Ano, by a team of specialists in their respective fields of activity. Renato Cordero (Art and Culture), Julie Rodriguez (Music), Katia Borges (Literature), Jorge Gautier (Science), Nerida Albernaz (Humor and Internet) and Herbem Gramaccio (Sports) sponsored the nominees, justifying the nomination of three names for each region.

From there, the audience can choose one from each trio. On those occasions when I didn’t know who to vote for, all I had to do was read the curators’ presentations and the path was clear.

And just like in the previous edition, the show’s curators have also been invited to nominate each of the honorable mentions for work in 2021 (but outside the top three), which draws as a strong nominee for the award in the next edition.

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art and culture
Journalist and broadcaster Renato Cordero, presenter of Multicultura, on Educadora FM, with deep knowledge of Bahia’s artistic and cultural scene, made several honorable mentions regarding the past year.

The special roster includes ceramicist Ricardina Pereira da Silva, Dona Cadu, icon of São Félix and title holder Dr. Honoris Causa of the UFBA; artist Glicéria Tupinambá, for a recreation of Manto Tupinambá, a sacred piece of society that previously could only be found in museums in Europe; Grupo Metha, to take over one of Salvador’s major cultural facilities, now Cine Metha Glauber Rocha; Actor Fabricio Bolivira, to create the Cinema do Futuro project, which aims to train young people in various audiovisual fronts; and plastic artist Anderson AC, creator and director of Pinacoteca do Beiru.

Journalist and music researcher Julie Rodriguez, who is responsible for the music nominations, also made more highlights, which should draw as strong candidates in 2022. Such is the case of singer Giovanni Cedrera, or GIO, who brought the world’s second album, Nebulosa Baby’, closer From the Afghan lineage and future in a sad and attractive tone.

“Old songs acquire new looks and/or are reconstructed to share space with unreleased tracks. Sharing names like Vandal, Alice Caymmi and Jadsa, the work was accompanied by a very elegant visual album,” Julli comments about GIO.

Another dish that comes with everything, according to Specialist, is musician and producer Pauloafonsino Jotaerre, who also works as a guitarist for the band Psirico. In 2021, Gutierre incorporated new elements into his sound, mixing distinct genres such as trap, metal, and drag groove. The result was “Tempestade,” an album with strong political content, combining meditative and choreographic moments, according to his analysis.

It is worth noting that this year, RDD (Rafa Dias), who was mentioned in honor of last year, has already charted in the top three.

Even the list of literary events prepared by journalist, professor and writer Katia Borges could count on herself, she was eventually poised for the 2021 Jabote Prize finalist in the records category with the book ‘The Theory of Happiness’ (Patwa, 2020).

Keeping as Baianos do Ano’s coordinator, Katya preferred not to keep names from last year’s roster – even though the previous winner, Itamar Vieira Jr, had another year as a pop star.

The nominations were another opportunity to feature other writers (already dedicated or not), and there are still two more to show to the general public as promises.

The first is Saulo Machado, who released his first book of short stories at the end of last year. “O Jogo das Margaridas” (Mormaço editorial) is a project of editor and writer Maria Luiza Machado, who has cemented herself in the national literary scene due to the quality of her publications. “At the age of 22, Saulo is studying psychology and psychoanalysis, and in his prime, he is surprising with his maturity and dense and sensitive approach,” reviews Katia Borges.

Another revelation is Júlia Grilo, 21, who, according to the curator, made her first appearance, in 2020, when “Cães” was released by São Paulo publisher Penalux – the first page of the book was signed by cartoonist Laerte.

“Last year she (Julia) was featured in Vogue, among five nominated books for ‘Reading As Soon As Possible.’ They are good references, but what really matters is the creative work and Julia, who studies psychology, seems to have some assets. Up her sleeve. Let’s wait,” he suggests.

Journalist Jorge Gauthier, who specializes in science and technology journalism at UFBA, and presenter for Saúde & Bem-Estar at @correio24horas, also released his guesses about the projects and people who should stand out this year when he was still a newborn.

“In Bahian Science for 2022, research developed by the Distributed Systems Laboratory for the UFBA Graduate Program in Mechatronics on technological infrastructures applied to health deserves attention; covid-19 vaccine studies at Cimatec Senai, and researcher Fred Luciano Santos Neves, of Vucruz Bahia indicate , recently appointed coordinator of the Translational Research Program in Chagas Diseases, to Gauthier, who is also the Coordinator of Digital Procedures at CORREIO.

Humor and the Internet
If influencer Christian Bale doesn’t make it into the 2021 race (despite being the second most voted candidate that year, overall, behind only Pirikito – both of whom campaigned for votes on social networks), perhaps it can. His girlfriend, Rafaela Moreira, is next year.

It is one of the bets for 2022 by journalist and digital influencer specialist in celebrity Nerida Albernaz, from @eubabadeira.

Beautiful and humorous, this influencer group left the hearts of Bahia’s. In content, it blends fashion and humor in showing the everyday life of an elegant black Salvador girl, with a loose tongue and loves to travel. Introduced in the year 2021, it has made a leap in the number of followers and will surely conquer the audience even more In 2022, as Nerida expects.

It also cites the influencer Victor Egoh, with his 4.6 million followers and newly gained national fame, as one of the highlights of the year. Just know how to take advantage of the hype.

Another promise that should shine more in 2022, perhaps on a larger scale, is the young Rafa Sampaio, who went viral in 2021.

Herbem Gramacho, journalist and sports editor at CORREIO, had to repeat this year’s “come here” vote, at the expense of the Olympics. With three Olympic medals in singles competitions, swimmer Guilherme Caribé has had a hard time getting into the top three, and this is the second year he has matured here.

More than just an honorable mention goes to the 18-year-old, who made his way to the Paris 2024 Olympics. The 50m freestyle champion at the South American Youth Championships, in November, also in a clear development in the 100m freestyle, made Caribe has already smashed all records for legend Edvaldo Valerio in the swimming pools in Bahian, Herbem confirms. Look at the boy!


Total Voters: 51,747
Total votes: 171.550

Art and Culture – 24,733 responses

> WAGNER MOURA 14827 votes (59.9%)

LAINA CRISÓSTOMO 8042 votes (32.5%)

Roy Scott 1,864 votes (7,5%)

Music – 22789 response

> Jeddah 9,763 votes (42.8%)

RDD (RAFA DIAS) 7,048 votes (30.9%)

AfroSymphony Orchestra 5,978 votes (26.2%)

Literature – 22,691 answers

> Luciani Aparecida 14,125 votes (62.2%)

Clarissa McDow 5,472 votes (24.1%)

Aliton Fonseca 3,094 votes (13.6%)

Flag – 22,734 responses

> Canada or 13,818 voters (60.8%)

Arthur Igor Lima 6011 votes (26.4%)

Covida Network 2,095 votes (12.8%)

Humor and the Internet – 50,610 responses

> Thiago Souza (Berequito) 29,743 votes (58.8%)

Christian Bale 19,027 votes (37.6%)

Anderson Cobra and the Twins Fixing 1,840 votes (3.6%)

Sport – 27,993 response

> Hebert Conciaso (boxing) 10,594 votes (37.8%)

Isaac Qweroz (Profanity) 8,845 votes (31.6%)

Anna Marcela Cunha (Water Marathon) 8,554 votes (30.6%)

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