September 24, 2022
Kanduka opens his mouth and reveals a mysterious secret to rumors of Mar do Sertão · TV News

Kanduka opens his mouth and reveals a mysterious secret to rumors of Mar do Sertão · TV News

It’s been ten years sirtau seaHowever, Kanduca (Isadora Cruz) continues to expose her feelings for Lorena (Mariana Senna). A girl can’t hold her tongue in certain things – like her friend’s relationship with her short talk (Renato Gus). As a loyal supporter of the couple, the young woman will almost collapse when she finds out that the girl is considering a divorce at the Globo Opera at six in the morning.

The radical decision will come after a series of clashes between the lawyer and Paulino costume/ Jose Mendes (Sergio Guise). The colonel will take over the bully situation, and unnecessary tantrums will put Manduka’s mother (Enzo Deniz) out of her mind. The lawyer will lose his mind No mention of the competitor’s name.

These and many other reasons will be listed by Lorena, who will listen carefully to the gossip. In the scenes that must be broadcast on 21. Instead of understanding the side of the friend, however, the niece Father Zizou Nanigo Lira will try Save the relationship from fiasco. You will ask for help Diodora (Deborah Bloch) throws a surprise party and celebrates their wedding anniversary, even after a former teacher vehemently states that she doesn’t want to celebrate the date.

When she gets to the party, the protagonist will hardly be able to contain her anger. She will try to be nice to the guests, but she will trust Labibe (Teresa Fonseca) that she intends to strangle Lorena as soon as she sees her. By now, you will have found out the person responsible for the riot. And she wouldn’t be happy to see her words used against her by one of her best friends.

Worst of all, the plan will not achieve the expected result. Quite the opposite: Kandoka will be more angry than her husband. Zé Paulino will appear at the party, and Tertúlio’s son (José de Abreu) ​​will create a scandal. The young woman, embarrassed and angry, will ask for a divorce permanently.

Mar do Sertão replaced Além da Illusion (2022) in the 18h range of Globo. The series is written by Mario Teixeira and directed by Alan Fetterman. Read the Summaries of upcoming chapters From the six o’clock series.

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