December 4, 2023
Fellipe Santos

Kanye West sued for $250 million by George Floyd’s family

George Floyd’s family has filed a lawsuit against the rapper.

family George Floyd I decided to file a lawsuit against her worth 250 million dollars Kanye West In response to the artist’s comments about the murder of George Floyd in a recent episode of Drink Champs. In a press release issued on Tuesday, it was revealed that Roxy Washingtonacting on behalf of his minor daughter (the sole beneficiary of Floyd’s estate) and contacted Witherspoon Law Group and Dixon and Dixon’s attorneys at law to file a case against yes. The suit sees a daughter Floydrepresented by the two companies, is claiming $250 million in damages.

The lawsuit was described in Tuesday’s press release as not only against Kanye, but against his “business associates” and “accomplices” as well. The argument is that the rapper’s comments, which included false allegations about Floyd’s murder, amounted to “harassment, embezzlement, defamation and emotional distress.”

rap singer Kanye West It sparked a massive online revolution this weekend after the artist made some comments about the killing of George Floyd. Kanye West claimed that Floyd was not killed And that his death was due to fentanyl. “When you look at her, the guy’s knee wasn’t on his neck like that,” the rapper said in an excerpt from the conversation. Kanye said he saw more about it in a documentary by Candence Owens, a conversation that has surfaced alongside the rapper in recent days. Fans of the artist said that the rapper’s line was taken out of context.

Kanye West’s statement is a sharp change of attitude from what the rapper was in the past. when killed Floyd It happened, Kanye West Donate US$2 million (more than R$10 million) to a family George Floyd Ahmed Arbery and Briona TaylorBlack people were murdered in the United States in 2020. Additionally, Kanye West make a plan for Gianna FloydDaughter of George Floyd, a way to save money to pay for the girl’s higher education, she is now eight years old.

statement Kanye West Contrasted with what doctors said in court, when the former policeman was tried and convicted of Floyd’s murder. A toxicology report released at that time Floyd He had the pain reliever fentanyl and methamphetamine in his blood. Next, Chauvin’s defense argued that fentanyl caused Floyd to deplete oxygen. However, Tobin, the intensive care physician, said breathing Floyd It wasn’t reduced enough that pain relievers were a factor in his complete loss of oxygen.

Forensic toxicologist Daniel Eisenschmid, whose lab tested Floyd’s blood and urine samples after his death, said there was evidence that some of the fentanyl had been metabolized, meaning an overdose was less likely, confirmed he died of choking on his leg.