October 1, 2022
Kawa Raymon stands with his daughter and sends Grazi Masafira a message

Kawa Raymon stands with his daughter and sends Grazi Masafira a message

Kawa Remon appears with his daughter and Grazie Masafira sends a message

the actor Kawa Raymond She made a lovely statement for her daughter. The artist made sure to record the moment next to the only heiress at the moment. Sophia is the daughter of a celebrity with an actress Thank you whistle. After about six years of relationship, the two announced their separation months after the birth of their daughter.

Despite the controversy surrounding the separation, the former couple are currently on good terms of friendship. They also share custody of Sophia.

at the moment, Kawa Raymond Married to a digital influencer Mariana Goldfarb. The two married in a beautiful intimate ceremony in the countryside of Minas Gerais in 2019. The couple has already revealed that they have plans to increase the number of their family members and give Sophia siblings. And earlier this year, the artist said in an interview that he always talks about the topic with his wife and said: “It will happen.”

On the last Sunday (14) in which he celebrated Father’s Day, the actor happily stood next to his heiress. Cauã appeared in his traditional ice bath (the famous bath has always been shown to indulge in an ice bath to relieve the pain of physical training and relieve stress).

In the outdoor inflatable pool in a beautiful garden on a sunny day, Sophia was accompanied by a lover who stood smiling outside the very cold shower and massaged her father’s head. “The cold doesn’t come here. The heart is warm. Happy Father’s Day,” said the actor.

when posting the photo Kawa Raymond Received many congratulations from friends and fans. The photo with Sofia even got the hang of it from her mom, Grazie Massafra. The actress took the opportunity to wish her ex-partner “Happy Father’s Day!”

Among Internet users, clicking received only praise. One follower said, “So beautiful, my God.” Already one fan highlighted the girl’s resemblance to her mother: “What a microcosm of Grazie.” While other netizens praised the relationship between Kawa and Sophia: “The most beautiful thing is to see father and daughter with so much affection.”

Instagram clone Kawa Raymond celebrates Father’s Day with Sofia and Grazie Masafira sending a message

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