December 3, 2023

Key Alves is shocked to learn that the participants in the Mexican reality show are showering naked

Photo: Disclosure/Telemundo/Poppoca Moderna

Elvis keywhich left BBB23 directly to the real-world stock exchange los famosos house, I was surprised by the differences between the two programs. First, the sister was shocked to discover that Mexicans could bathe naked and that their home had an exclusive space for participants to store their clothes.

A participant took her to the venue for the volleyball player to pack. Key did not hide her excitement and revealed that she was shocked: “Guys, I’m terrified! How unbelievable, I can’t believe it! I don’t even know what to keep here.. I have so many things” She revealed excitedly.

unlike Big Brother Brazil Where the participants leave their clothes in bags in their own rooms, in Mexican reality, the bound ones have a private locker.

Another time, the Mexican brothers were stunned to discover that even the participants’ bathroom was recorded in Brazilian reality. The discovery occurred when Key Alves asked: “Are pigeons with clothes?”.

The gringos, right away, found the question strange and mentioned that the program’s bathroom is completely private. According to the participants, only if two people enter together will the bathroom camera record. Other than that no.

Qi was surprised again: “So the bathroom here is naked? I’m wearing my underwear.” And right after, the athlete told the Mexican how the personal hygiene dynamic works on “BBB 23”: “It’s a camera all the time.”

The revelation shocked the participants, who were uncomfortable with the revelation that everyone could see the Brazilian participants showering.