March 25, 2023

Kherson residents were pressured to register newborns with Russian citizenship

Kherson residents say they were pressured into registering newborns with Russian citizenship during the city’s occupation.

The Russian occupation of the city in southeastern Ukraine continued eight months.

The Kremlin annexed the region, after the implementation of A.I A referendum that Kiev and the West considered invalid and illegal.

a Ukraine regained military control of the city in November last year.

According to the head of the civil registry office in Kherson, Several countries waited for the end of the occupation to register their children.

Ukrainian mother says that the file Prevent soldiers from obtaining basic care for children who do not have a Russian birth certificate.

“torture sites”

Find out the Prosecutor General of Justice of Ukraine Four “torture sites” The Russians used it in Kherson, during the occupation of this city which the troops recaptured from Kiev on November 11th.

Ukrainian researchers went to Four buildings, including pre-war “pre-trial detention centres”, “Where the Russians, while occupying the city, illegally detained people and brutally tortured them.”

Pieces of rubber batons, wooden stickwhich is a device used by passengers to Electrocution of civiliansAnd Incandescent lamp and lead (…) They were arrested,” the same source added, Ten days after the Ukrainian army regained the city of Kherson.