March 22, 2023
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Khloe Kardashian Breaks Silence On Tristan Thompson’s Double Infidelity, New Baby Appears! Watch

second season ofKardashiansPremiered in the United States on Wednesday (21) and the birth of the second child Chloe Kardashianas well as the entire paternity scandal involving Tristan Thompsonwas the focus of production.

Throughout the episode, fans were able to check flashbacks Chloe learns that Tristan has had a baby with another woman. Kim kardashian He was responsible for the discovery, which came when none of the family knew that True’s mother was expecting a second child with the basketball star.

Khloe noted that the infidelity and the other woman’s pregnancy “spoiled” the birth of her second child and then described in detail how it all happened. The businesswoman revealed that days before Thanksgiving (which usually takes place on the last Thursday of November in the US), her and Tristan’s embryos were transferred to a surrogate and the baby was conceived. It was during the first week of December, just a few weeks later, that Tristan cheating scandal came to light.

double betrayal

[Tudo aconteceu] So close, I don’t want anyone to think I did it after the fact.”Khloe explained. “Why would I want to have a child with someone who would have a child with someone else?”, shot. Kardashian further noted that after the world found out about Tristan’s latest infidelity, she did everything in her power to ensure that no one other than family and close friends knew about the newborn, at least for a short time.

In an attempt to hide any sign from the paparazzi, she left “adult furniture” in the baby’s room for several months while her younger sister, Kylie Jenner She kept all the children’s furniture in her garage. Chloe also explained why she chose to keep her surrogacy a mystery. “Obviously it’s really private and I don’t want it to show up now.”She said crying. “Because I want to protect my mental integrity as well as whoever replaces it and all that. It was really hard to go through everything at once.” He confessed.

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Finally, the businesswoman indicated that she was feeling “extremely angry” and “deceived” when she learned that Thompson cheated on her again, because the player already knew he had become pregnant with another woman months before he decided to have Khloe’s second child. .. “All I know is that I have been encouraged to do it on a certain date”explained daughter Kris Jenner. “When looking back, he always knew when the other baby was due and especially after we received the papers we saw. He found out on July 2nd, so he knew.”the blonde lamented about the double show.

As the episode progressed, Khloe was seen getting support from the Kardashian-Jenner clan while carrying her second child, and she almost pulled Tristan out of the process altogether. “Obviously I’m having this pregnancy without my partner, but I don’t feel lonely. I know I have the best family in the world.” Interspersed with a business woman. Kim told her sister that she should let Tristan into the delivery room as he wanted. Kardashian asked Khloe to do this for the baby, just as she did when True was born. “This is the strangest and most unfortunate situation,” The younger replied, apparently stunned.

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Kendall accuses Tristan of trying to ‘lock up’ Chloe with her second child after cheating

Family drama went so far when Kendall Jenner He shared his truest thoughts about Tristan’s betrayal.[Tristan] He was encouraging Khloé to move on [com a gravidez] While [ele] I learned that (the child with Marley Nichols) It was happening too. It’s almost like he wants to arrest her.” revolted on the form.

Kendall received support from her mother, Kris, and then continued to scream. “Well, he definitely wanted to be with her, and thought maybe if they were. [tivessem um bebê] You will marry him,” Scored. For her part, Kylie said she was “really frustrated“With Thomson and Describe His Actions”unforgivable“.

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Chloe talking about the new baby

Despite a lot of drama, the episode featured happy moments, as Khloe shared with her fans the birth of her unnamed son. This emotional moment was captured on camera by Kim, who was able to join her sister at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles for a surrogate delivery on July 28.

Khloe admitted that she was nervous from the moment her older sister got pregnant that day and admitted that “Wasn’t readyTo take care of another child. “You are never ready, but you are.”And Kim thought of reassuring her sister. Back in the hospital, ex-Kanye West documented Chloe’s walk into the delivery room and the nurses’ preparation, as well as the entire birth process, until the little baby came into the world crying softly. “It seems right!” , He celebrated Kim, referring to Chloe and Tristan’s 4-year-old daughter, True Thompson.

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“I am so grateful. It is a beautiful gift we can have.” Very emotional, said Khloe. “Since December, I’ve felt this dark cloud hovering over me. Every day, I’ve been feeling depressed and sad, and now that my son is here, I can move on and have fun. It’s almost an opportunity to close this chapter and end this trauma and leave it behind.” I continued. “Now the healing process has finally begun. I can now begin to enjoy my life with two children and find out. This will be the first day, and this will be the beginning of something positive, happy and beautiful.”he completed.

Khloe Kardashian and her second child with Tristan Thompson. (Photo: Playback / Hulu)


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