July 20, 2024

Kid fixes Paula’s mistake with body swap TV news

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Kid fixes Paula's mistake with body swap TV news
Kid fixes Paula's mistake with body swap TV news

at The more life, the better!And the Child He will have fun (Vladimir Brechta) Who will change bodies? With Pola (Giovanna Antonelli) to fix some of Donduka’s mistakes. He will use the new identity to get close to her Ingrid (Nina Tomsic) and Tuninha (Jussara Freire) and they will help the three become the family they couldn’t be in at Opera Globo’s seventh.

In the Scheduled season for broadcast on February 28The businesswoman’s mother and daughter will question the way you talk to them. The the death (Maya) already I have changed the bodies of heroes to teach everyone a lesson.

The footballer will then take the opportunity to improve the relationship of the former owner of Cosméticos Terrare with her relatives. Therefore, he will try to get close to the young woman and be affectionate with her.

Fake Paula will continue to take mother and daughter for a walk on the beach, and they will have a happy day. Later, without a doubt that the star will inhabit the body of the character of Giovanna Antonelli, Ingrid will make a tender statement to the alleged mother, which will leave the footballer deeply moved.

The more life, the better! it’s a Written by Mauro Wilson And it’s all registered due to protocols Globo has adopted as a result of the pandemic, which has slowed registration processes.

Team Feuilleton should leave Globo programming in May. Next, the station will premiere Cara e Coragem by author Claudia Soto. The plot will approach the world of acrobatics and It will star Paola Oliveira, Marcelo Cerrado and Tess Araujo.

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