Kim Kardashian is harassed by Kanye West to have more children !

Kim Kardashian se fait harceler par Kanye West pour avoir plus d’enfants !

Kim Kardashian is on vacation in Bali a few days ago. The woman needs to be away from Kanye West because he is too demanding !

Kim Kardashian seems to be in conflict with Kanye West. The woman no longer wants to have children, while the rapper wants even 4 !

Kim Kardashian : Kanye West stalking her to have more children !

Last January, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West have welcomed the small Chicago. The child is born to a surrogate mother because the starlet didn’t want to risk another pregnancy. The wife of the rapper struggled to deal with her pregnancy when she was waiting for Saint. It therefore seemed more sensible to appeal to an association to have a child after multiple miscarriages.

Kim Kardashian is a busy mom since she has to look after three young children. The star of reality tv loves her children, and she spends a lot of time with his eldest daughter, North. In spite of this, it no longer seems to want to have a child and Kanye West puts pressure on them !

“Kanye wants to be more. He is harassing me with it. He wants around 7. It is stuck at this number. “ Has entrusted the star Larsa Pippen in People.

Kim Kardashian : Kanye West had said that he wanted 7 children to the president of Uganda !

A few weeks ago, Kanye West went to Uganda with Kim Kardashian to prepare for his next album. He was also able to meet with the president of Uganda and he told the man that he wanted seven children. Therefore, it has not changed his mind and he would like to even make an album around the numeral 7.

“Ok, he needs to name his next album Seven and relaxing for the children. Seven children, this is crazy ! “ Replied Larsa Pippen.

So, Kim Kardashian will she crack and have other children ? For the moment, this promises to be bad for Kanye West. The woman worries about the future of children on Earth because of all the violence on Earth. She does not want to have children because she is too afraid of their future…


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