July 21, 2024

Kim Kardashian West sues employees claiming they were underpaid and not paid | California

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Kim Kardashian West faces allegations from seven members of her domestic staff that they were not adequately paid or given a break while working at her California home.

Plaintiffs allege that Kardashian West failed to pay extra time, cover costs, and provide legally binding breaks, according to a civil lawsuit filed in the Los Angeles District High Court.

“Plaintiffs have never received any paid work, have not been paid during regular pay periods, have not been provided with the necessary food and rest breaks, have not been provided with the means to register all their hours, have not been paid all of their hours, have not been reimbursed for all of their overtime pay, and have not been paid all of their overtime pay after termination of employment. They were not paid, ”the lawsuit said First announced NBC News, claims.

The amount demanded from Kardashian West in this case was not, except to say, “The matter in dispute is exclusively over $ 25,000 in interest.” The move by Kardashian West says they have withheld 10% of their tax payments, but they have not reported their employment to tax authorities.

A representative said in a statement that Kardashian West could not be held accountable because the staff came through an unnamed “seller”.

“These workers were hired and paid by a third-party vendor appointed by Kim to provide current services,” the delegates said in a statement.

“Kim is not a party to the contract between the seller and their workers, so she is not responsible for how the seller manages their business and the contracts they make directly with their employees. Kim never pays a servant for their services and hopes that the issue between these workers and the salesperson who hired them can be resolved amicably. ”

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