February 1, 2023

King Charles is looking for a gardener for Windsor for £3,000 a month

King Charles needs a new gardener for one of the most famous—and beautiful—gardens in the world: those at Windsor Castle, the residence where his mother, Queen Elizabeth 2He lived through the last two years of his life.

For the vacancy, the new king must pay the clerk about £23,000 a year—the equivalent of R$149,400 in the period or R$12,450 per month—plus benefits.

The royal gardener is expected to work to maintain the vegetation five days a week, with occasional weekend services also required, the royal family, the Crown corporation that maintains the royal properties, announced.

You must have a UK Level Two (NVQ 2) Horticultural Practice Certificate and a Local Driving License to apply. Additionally, experience with lawn maintenance machinery is required.

Windsor Castle Gardens

Photo: Getty Images

Skills such as self-discipline, good organization of one’s time and communication with colleagues are still desirable. We welcome new initiatives and ideas for garden improvement. benefit? The vacancy is open on the site until 8th January.

Temporary jobs and minor tourism

The British royal family still has eight other vacancies at the moment, the vast majority of them in public service at Buckingham Palace, which is preparing for its new tourism season, when it receives visitors.

The contracts are fixed, that is, temporary, and the employee is paid 11.95 pounds per hour, which is equivalent to 77.60 Brazilian reals. The workload is 40 hours per week, which results in a payout of about R$3,104.80 per week or just over R$12,400 per month.

Buckingham Palace in London - Johnny Gregg / iStock - Johnny Gregg / iStock

Buckingham Palace in London

Photo: Johnny Gregg/iStock

A visitor services assistant, for example, should only work between June and September. The sales assistant, who must promote the products sold within the palace, will carry out his duties between February and October.

For these jobs, fewer qualifications are required and training is provided by Royal House staff. Check open positions on the site.