December 6, 2023
Kiss Danny Calabresa: The comedian's conversations have been leaked and the process takes a new turn

Kiss Danny Calabresa: The comedian’s conversations have been leaked and the process takes a new turn

Five days after transcripts of conversations between Marcus Melhem and Danny Calabresa were leaked, new conversations between the comedian and friends have surfaced. In them, Dani appears Uncomfortable with some attitudes from the ex-manager of Globo. Marcus Melhem is accused of sexual harassment by the comedian and seven other women. He claims to be a victim of a conspiracy and wants compensation for “moral damage”.

The new prints are made by columnist Leo Dias, of Metropoles. on them, Dani Calabresa complained about the inappropriate attitudes of Marcius Melhem on different occasions. In one of the prints, the comedian talks with Jorge Souma and Luis Miranda about a party at the home of Mauro Faria, former director of Globo.

Put *mir*, I paid for all my sins by staying there till the end in Mauro with Celso and Gabi a mess [bêbados]🇧🇷 Marcius is a pervert and I’m not going anywhere else.”

Dani Calabresa recalls the occasions when she was harassed by Marcius Melhem

With his friend Rodrigo Magal, Dani Calabresa talked about Marcius’ behavior. “Wow, you fucked me up *. Marcius pisses me off. It’s hell. I want you to come up and throw a can of Red Bull in your face to command respect. Like that girlfriend who gets in the way and says, ‘You don’t want it, man.'”

Dani also vented about a situation where Marcius showed interest in staying with Dani during the “Zorra Total” concert. The conversation took place with a friend of the comedian named Wilder.

Marcius said, “What time do I have to arrive tomorrow?” And I said at 10 p.m. Then he said he didn’t want to watch the show “I want to know when I have to get there to find you a little drunk to convince you to stay with me.” I said “Whoa, there’s no such time, stop being crazy.” “Seriously. Hold me sober. Marcius has a bad face,” he wrote.

Marcius Melhem’s advisors sought out Purepeople and gave the following reply regarding the prints: “Respected though they are, Marcius Melhem has always set himself against the secrecy of any part of the records.

Selected prints, added to others from the investigation, show the plot and the game of those who saw an “advantage” in the relationship.

These publications end up proving what the most recent reports show. There is a clear course of action: harass in the front, complain in the back. When the game does not give the expected result, the complaint occurs. He explained in a statement that it is impossible.