October 3, 2023
Labor shortage in the United States extends the benefits to restaurants workers

Labor shortage in the United States extends the benefits to restaurants workers

“We hire.” In the United States, this phrase, printed in every corner of Chicago, is a symbol of a problem affecting food service across the country: manpower shortages. Waiters, bartenders and cashiers are required to work in bars and restaurants.

“Restaurants that made up for what they lost through the epidemic are still struggling with labor shortages.” Record inflation And restrictions on the supply chain, ”the CEO summed up National Restaurant Association (NRA), Michael Gorsmo.

According to the NRA’s “State of the Restaurant Industry” report, half of operators expect hiring and retention to be their main challenges this year.

The situation is not entirely new: even before Covid-19, one-third of operators rated staff recruitment and retention as critical. The main obstacle. But the challenge was emphasized in epidemics, with restaurants closing their doors and professionals volunteering to look for other sources of income. For many of them, it is clear that other jobs are possible rather than relying too much on tips.

Food service companies have placed high expectations on programs such as making it easier for foreign workers to go to work in the United States. “The epidemic and now the interconnectedness of the inflationary economy are controlling the activities of the sector. For restaurants to fully thrive, we need to be fully open – for that we must continue to develop our staff, “said Sean Kennedy, NRA Executive Vice President for Public Affairs.

Five star hotel, located in Fairmont Chicago, Millennium Park, has three functions in operation, two restaurants and a cafe. William Schultz, the hotel’s director general of food and beverages, confirms that the current challenge is huge. “Employees in the food industry are very hardworking. Therefore, we have launched a number of incentive schemes and given them bonuses when employees recommend professionals to work with us,” he says.

Nordstrom’s Michigan Avenue store has three restaurants, and the talk of labor shortages keeps recurring there. According to management, the focus is on retaining talent, making sure the company pays well.

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