September 21, 2023
Residentes de 62,4 milhões de domicílios não viajaram no intervalo da pesquisa

Lack of funds prevents three out of ten Brazilians from traveling

a 30.5% of Brazilians want to travel In 2021 it was Frustrated due to lack of moneyshow data from club tourism (National household sample survey) This Wednesday (6) was published by the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics.

According to the study 20.8% Report no need to travel8.3% They say they don’t have time and 7.6% Claim of uselessness. There are also those who highlight Health problems (3%) and who He claims to have other priorities (8.9%) currently.

The impossibility of traveling for another reason was 20.9%. However, IBGE maintains that the citation was exaggerated for reasons related to the health crisis – such as the need for social distancing, the impossibility of travel or even the fact that people were infected with the new corona virus.

Given this scenario, only 9.1 million (12.7%) of the 71.5 million Brazilian households declared that they had traveled in the three months prior to the interview. In 2020, this percentage was 13.9%.

The survey also shows that of the 62.4 million households whose residents did not travel in 2021, 86.2% of them have income below minimum wage (2200 BRL, as per the minimum value for that year).

Among the households experiencing displacement in the analysis period, 95.8% recorded as many as three trips, with one trip prevalent in 74.2% of households in 2020 and 74.9% in 2021.

the places

The study reveals The destinations that Brazilians prefer when traveling. In 2021, 99.3% (12.2 million) of displacements occurred within the national territory. According to the IBGE, the Southeast (40.9%) was the most visited region, followed by the Northeast (28.2%), the South (17.3%), the Midwest (7%) and the North (6,6%). An expressive portion of these displacements occurred within the same greater region, and not infrequently, within the same states.

In the ranking of the federal units that received the largest number of travelers from other states and other cities, São Paulo appears in the first place, receiving 20.6% of travelers. The states of Minas Gerais (11.4%), Bahia (9.5%), Rio de Janeiro (6.6%), Rio Grande do Sul (6.5%), Parana (5,6%) and Santa Catarina (5.2%).