September 26, 2022
Lady Gaga cries after canceling last tour amid storm in US - Zoara

Lady Gaga cries after canceling last tour amid storm in US – Zoara

Lady Gaga He then posted a video of himself crying “Chromatica Paul” is the last show of the tour should be Cancelled In the middle of the presentation for a reason Severe lightning storm in Miami, Florida (USA).. There were six songs left to finish the show when the singer warned his 65,000 fans that he would have to end the show in the early hours of Saturday (17).

“Sorry we couldn’t finish it, but we don’t want to risk your life or ours. So thank you, go home safe. God bless you, thank you for coming to our show”, he said. The artist, already emotional. , to the audience.

After the initial conclusion of the presentation, Lady Gaga tearfully spoke about what happened on Instagram and apologized to the “little monsters” – the name of her fan base -.

“We really tried to finish the show, but we couldn’t because even though the rain had stopped, there was a lot of lightning near us. I don’t know what I would do if something happened to the audience. Or one of my crew,” the video said.

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Read Lady Gaga’s speech to fans in full:

“I couldn’t finish the show, I’m sorry. It was too dangerous and the lightning was unpredictable and changing every second. I love you. Over the years some of you have called me ‘monster mom’ and I know it in my heart. It’s better to keep them safe. Trust me. Thank you for putting up. It was the greatest tour of my life and I’ll treasure this moment forever – it took a long time to recover but I did. Of course, of course, I wanted to. Sing ‘Rain on Me’ in the rain. ‘I wish I was dry, but at least I’m alive. ‘. Somehow I knew this moment would come. I’m so grateful for my dancers, my band, the whole crew, my family and friends. Safety first. I love you. Thank you for the flowers and the applause and the understanding. Lives matter.”

‘Chromatica Paul’

“Chromatica Paul” began July, in Germany. The singer passed through Sweden, France, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom and Japan before arriving in the United States, where the performances of the last part of the tour featuring the debut album “Chromatica” from 2020 were taken. Place.

“I love you, see you on stage next time,” snarled the artist, who took to Twitter to comment that his decision was the right one for everyone’s safety.