Language of immigrants: Legault criticizes the dam of the federal liberals

Langue des immigrants: Legault critique le barrage des libéraux fédéraux

OTTAWA — The premier of Québec, François Legault, has condemned Thursday the efforts of liberal members of parliament to kill in the egg a bill bloquiste on the language of the immigrants.

“I find it unfortunate because it is clearly a willingness, and then a consensus in Quebec,” he said at the end of the caucus caquiste in the Outaouais region.

“We would like to see the new arrivals, before receiving their permanent residence or their citizenship, have passed a French test, he added. It was the wishes of the Block. I find it unfortunate that we do not let the debate forward with a bill.”

The bill bloquiste echoes the government’s position that Legault. It attempts to obtain the agreement of Ottawa to pass a French test to newcomers who want to elect domicile in Quebec.

Hot potato in Ottawa

“In a certain part of the liberals, there is almost a hatred of Quebec French, has responded to the bloquiste Mario Beaulieu. We feel that it is visceral.”

“Absolutely, not. This is ridiculous!”, has refuted the mp Anthony Housefather.

Mr. Beaulieu accuses the liberals of having blocked the draft law on the language of the immigrants, deemed “non-votable” by the elect at the end of a rare secret ballot vote. Their choice was unveiled by the president of the House of commons from the beginning of the work Thursday morning, but the last did not specify how many members voted to debate or to stifle it.

Five liberal members of parliament had decided in committee in December that the bill was unconstitutional, despite the more nuanced of the examiner in charge of advising the Chamber on what kind of legal issues.

Bill C-421 wants to make conditional the acquisition of canadian citizenship for immigrants in Quebec to their adequate knowledge of French. The Bloc québécois believes that the learning of the common language in quebec is the best way to integrate newcomers.

“They were embarrassed to have to vote” no ” to a request as legitimate then they said, “we hide behind the regulations and it is said that it is unconstitutional, then we do not have the right to vote’,” said the mp bloquiste Rhéal Fortin.

Seeming to give reason, the minister François-Philippe Champagne has refused to say what was their choice in the secret ballot.

“It belongs to me, as you don’t ask how you voted in the last elections”, he said.

“We have always been clear that it was necessary to defend the rights and freedoms that are enshrined in the Charter of rights and freedoms canadian, he added, referring to the article on the two official languages. I think that is what the canadian values are expressed, and these values, these rules have often protected the Quebeckers.”

His colleague, québec Anthony Housefather has been more explicit.

“For me, it is very clear, if you are going to say that only people in Quebec must take their citizenship test in French, and elsewhere in Canada, it could be in French or in English, you create two different classes of people depending on the province where they will take their test and, for me, it is unconstitutional.”

The conservatives denounce, too, the manoeuvre liberal to prevent the debate even if some of them are in disagreement with the spirit of C-421.

“It is for that reason that we wanted to discuss, precisely because there are several questions in respect of this bill-there”, said the mp Alupa Clarke.

“We must not forget that we, although we want to protect the French language, the official languages act obliges us also to protect the linguistic community anglophone minority in Quebec, he added. So, if we made a requirement that someone speaks minimally to the French, there would be more chances that the linguistic community anglophone minority of Quebec may not be able to ensure its survival within our province.”

The bill bloquiste has given rise to an exchange muscled during question period on Tuesday between the deputy and the minister of canadian Heritage Pablo Rodriguez.

Inflamed and by increasing gradually the tone, Mr. Rodriguez suggested that the Bloc québécois led to the division according to the color of people. Comments interpreted by the Bloc quebecois as racist. The head of training asked an apology from the prime minister Justin Trudeau to the remarks of his minister, but without success.

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