October 1, 2022
Larissa Manoela endometriose SOP

Larissa Manuela talks about her diagnosis: “It looked like a dinosaur was eating my mercy’

Tuesday night (20), Larissa Manuela She opened up about her recent diagnosis of polycystic ovary syndrome. In a video, the actress also detailed the saga of endometriosis – which was discovered in 2021 – and revealed how she discovered the two diseases.

A year and seven months ago, I was diagnosed with endometriosis, an autoimmune inflammatory disease that affects one in ten women.Actress started. Then, she said, she learned of the health problem after a medical examination ordered by her doctor. “I always had a medical follow-up and always took a close look at my health. My gynecologist asked me to do a bunch of tests – which I don’t deny. I always take care and take care of my body signalsHe indicated that he underwent a specific examination to see if he had endometriosis.

The artist stated that she noticed even before the diagnosis that her menstrual cycle was different from usual. “My history, since I’ve had my period, has always been a heavy flow and a lot of cramping. Speaking with my friends, I began to understand that my colic was different from theirs. I had a lot of pain. I was saying that, when I started my period, I felt a muscle contraction at a level that felt like a dinosaur was eating my womb.‘, he announced.

Larisa said that she fainted and canceled her professional obligations because of the pain. “I had fainting spells, I was too late. I already canceled the recordings because I couldn’t go on in a situation like this“, he recalls. To try to live with crises, she always carried a hot water bottle and tookstrong medicine“That made her productive.”My body was already showing signs of being different, there was something abnormal in my body“, Opinion.

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When I got the positive diagnosis of endometriosis, my gynecologist said, “I’ll need to see you by a gynecologist who specializes in endometriosis.” For a year and seven months, I’ve been understanding more about this disease“, explained Larry. She said that, even frightened by the news, she tried “Find out how to get treatment“.

Yesterday, six months after my last appointment, after a detailed ultrasound, I was also diagnosed with polycystic ovaries.Next, Isadora’s translator mentioned in “Beyond Illusion” that since she was discovered to have endometriosis, her period has stopped.”There begins my story with this other disease‘, he announced.

Larissa also commented on why she was talking about it on her social media. “I know there are thousands of girls who follow me, and there are many more women who follow me. Why don’t you use my influence to make these women, these girls, listen to themselves, listen to their body’s cues, and look at themselves?“, He said.

The actress learned she had endometriosis in 2021 (Image: Instagram/Instagram)

Then continue:It was really something that affected me a lot. Now I open up to all of you something very intimate and personal to go along with, to encourage you to make regular gynecological appointments, get tests done, talk at your school and with your parents at home.“.

The muse ended the story by thanking her for the affection she was receiving. “I am very grateful for all the messages I have received. (…) I am so glad I felt safe talking about it and getting so many messages.“, is over. Watch:

This Wednesday (21) on Twitter, she also left a message for her fans. “I woke up happy! I have accomplished my mission to alert the many girls and women who follow me who also have endometriosis and PCOS. (PCOS). Share your stories. Thanks for the opened reports! Find a gynecologist. Take the exams! Let’s go together!”he wrote.

On Tuesday (20), Larissa Manuela shared the diagnosis on the same social network. “Yesterday, through a detailed ultrasound, I found out that in addition to endometriosis, I also suffer from polycystic ovaries. It is not easy being a woman. The positive diagnosis scares me and I admit to being destabilizing. But I am sure I will find the best cure for both diseases!‘, is detailed.

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