March 30, 2023

Launching of the new LATAM ticket system

The main change takes effect on Thursday (17) Advertised by LATAM Pass In 2021: end of emissions Award In the The company’s website. As of today, all prices available on the LATAM website are commercial rates. If you choose to use the points on flights and/or private airline flights common codethe system will present the value in points based on the conversion made from the value of the payment ticket.

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Operation terms

Before we talk about what changing LATAM represents in practice, here are some key concepts that will make it easier for you to understand.

Rate Award

It is the most traditional broadcast format. Airlines release seats in a “special” fare category and partner loyalty programs allow their users to use miles to redeem. Since they are issued in this “special” category, these tickets do not generate miles and do not count as a piece for a class change. In general, the number of seats is very limited.

commercial tariff

These tickets are issued in the “Payment” category, that is, even though you use the points for the issuance, the program (in this case, a LATAM Pass) “purchases” tickets and presents them to the user as if it were a ticket.Award(Converting the value of the ticket cost in the market to points). In general, since they pay tickets, the number of seats available is greater than the other format. At the maximum, its cost for any ticket can be converted into points – the problem is that the required amount can be very high, therefore, the options offered are limited.

common code agreement

It is an agreement that requires cooperation between airlines. This type of agreement allows airlines to work together by placing “tokens” on their respective flights. For those who don’t know, every airline has a code defined by IATA (International Air Transport Association) – LATAM is represented by the abbreviation LA, Azul by the abbreviation AD, GOL by the abbreviation G3 and so is the case with all airlines in the world outside of the association.

What is going on in this agreement, in fact, is “aircraft sharing”. “Airline Z” sells a ticket with its own code, as if it were its own flight – however, the route will be operated by “Airline X”. The idea is that this will be beneficial for both airlines, boosting their business and increasing the number of flights each passenger can access. In other words, one airline feeds the other’s network.

Learn more about types flight tickets And the differences between Interline, joint code and joint venture.

LATAM flights and codeshare

Now, in Latin America common codeThe system automatically converts the cash value (ticket payment) into points.

Price type: commercial
Broadcasting location: the Internet

Delta Airlines and Qatar Airways flights

With regard to the issuance of Delta Air Lines and Qatar Airways flights, LATAM continues to respect the fixed schedule by regions.

modifier type: Award
Place of issue: Call center and LATAM Travel stores

How was it then and how is it today

The company said in a statement “To keep everyone up to date with the news, LATAM Pass will communicate the news in a transparent manner to all program customers throughout this week. In addition, LATAM Pass informs that from March 16, tickets redeemed with points will have the same benefits as the Light, Plus and Top profiles. The fare for tickets purchased with cash.Therefore, effective 03/16, customers in Signature Black and Black categories will not receive a 10% discount on ticket refunds.In addition, Platinum, Black and Premium cigarette customers will not be charged when modifying or requesting a refund. Ticket refunded, customers were also notified in July 2021.”

Below is a table with a summary of the changes:

* Changes do not change the number of upgrade vouchers available for each LATAM Pass. Following the same model as cash tickets, it will only be possible to use vouchers on tickets redeemed in the Plus and Top fare profiles.

Ticket Simulator

All simulations below refer to the trading prices found on the LATAM website.

Domestic flights

castle x christmas
Airlines: Latin America
Cabin: Economy
Transfer Fact: R$38.84 per thousand points

Sao Paulo vs Rio de Janeiro
Airlines: Latin America
Cabin: Economy
Transfer Fact: R$43.96 per thousand points

Brasilia vs Rio de Janeiro
Airlines: Latin America
Cabin: Economy
Transfer Fact: BRL 36.59 per thousand points

Sao Paulo vs Manaus
Airlines: Latin America
Cabin: Economy
Transfer Fact: R$38.83 per thousand points

International flights

Sao Paulo vs Atlanta
Airlines: Delta
Conversion factor: R$ 30.99 per thousand points in economy and R$ 29.05 at executive level

Sao Paulo vs San Francisco
Airlines: Latin America and Alaska
Cabin: Economy
Conversion factor: R$31.26 per thousand points in economy and R$29.42 at executive level

Sao Paulo vs New York
Airlines: Latin America
Cabin: Economy
Conversion factor: R$ 30.66 per thousand points in economy and R$ 29.19 at executive level

Sao Paulo vs Doha
Airlines: Qatar Airways
Cabin: Economy
Transfer fact: R$29.04 per thousand points in Economy and R$28.85 at Executive level


The news is not good for those who used to take advantage of the privilege sweet spots from Latam [tarifas award] On flights via Brazil and abroad originating from Online method. We can say, in this case, that it is a setback.

Certainly it will not be possible to issue tickets One-way [apenas um trecho] On LATAM Pass at beneficial costs, as before. This is because the clip Back and forth [ida + volta], usually in better shape when it comes to commercial tariffs. In other words, it would be better to issue the full travel itinerary. Based on our searches, the conversion factor from commercial cash to point commercial rate ranged from BRL 28.85 to BRL 43.96 per thousand points.

The plus side is that it will now It is possible to issue flights with points (commercial fares) from all of the program’s partner airlines – including Mexicana, Alaska, British Airways, Iberia, JAL, Lufthansa and Qantas – online (which can be interesting when there are strong promotions in the pay of Prices, which will be reflected in more attractive prices in points). In addition, 100% of seats on LATAM flights will be available for points issuance.

Nothing changes in emissions across call center. Reviews Awards Those respecting the fixed schedule of LATAM Pass regions will still be available via call center. This is it, it will continue It’s possible to make good refunds on flights operated by LATAM, Delta Airlines and Qatar Airways (which currently hold the title of “world’s best business class”, it’s worth remembering).

Since the LATAM website will only provide trade prices, you will need to use other strategies to find the available rates Awards Before contacting call centera process similar to issuing Star Alliance flights at the TAP Miles & Go call center.

To test the new LATAM reservation system, click here.