November 28, 2023
Laura or Merella?  Vote in the poll · TV News

Laura or Merella? Vote in the poll · TV News

Laura Keeler NS Mirella Santos They were chosen by the opponents to challenge the survival of island record from this week. On Wednesday night (1), the actress was nominated by the leader, and the dancer by public vote. Someone will go to the Cave of Exile. Who do you want to eliminate? Vote in the poll at the end of the text.

captain of the week, Byung Lee Choose not to mention religious To the challenge of surviving her injury in the last test, he put Laura on the spot, claiming that the actress is one of her strongest opponents.

Before the voting round began, The Guardian appeared in the arena and handed Sabrina Sato the decision of those who had been eliminated from the Cave of Exile: Valesca Bobozoda The power of double voting. As a result, Pyeong’s plans were thwarted.

Laura Keeler and Valesca quickly looked at each other in the arena and agreed to vote for Nadeja person, but the champion of Power Couple Brasil 1 changed hands at the last minute and put her stone in the Pyong chest.

I Borges, Denny and Mirella, after being defeated in the competition, could only vote for each other. Laura, Nadja, Pyong, and Valesca had the option to vote for anyone in the game. But since the actress chose to vote for a hypnotist, she missed an opportunity to change the course of history this week.

Team Ruby’s strategy, which was defeated in the week, was poor. Instead of each voting for a different person in the group so that everyone ended up with just one vote, Any and Mirella chose to nominate each other. Dinei was on vacation with ex Nadja and Pyong and they also invested in the dancer.

Valesca used his double voting power and cast the hypnotist twice, making the score equal with Mirella. As the leader of the week, he had to decide who to send to the survival challenge, avoiding a confrontation with Laura and pushing the dancer into the hot seat.

Who voted for whom?

  • Laura Keeler -> Byung
  • Nadia Pessoa -> Mirella
  • Merella -> any
  • I Burgess -> Mirella
  • Byung Lee -> Mirella
  • religious -> any
  • Valeska -> double vote in Pyongyang