January 29, 2023

Lavrov says war between Russia and the West is ‘real’

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On Monday (23), Sergey Lavrov said that what is happening in Ukraine is a war “fact” between Russia and the West.

On a visit to South Africa, the Russian Foreign Minister said that the conflict, which lasted 11 months this Tuesday (24), can no longer be defined as “Hybrid war” He criticized the shipment of billions of dollars in weapons to Kyiv.

When we talk about what is happening in Ukraine, we are talking about the fact that it is It is no longer a hybrid war, but a real oneThe West has long been preparing against Russia, Trying to destroy everything Russiansaid the Russian foreign minister.

Lavrov also stated that Moscow is ready to negotiate with Ukraine in the first months of the war, but the United States and other Western countries “advised against” Kyiv to do so.

“It is known that we support the proposal of the Ukrainian side to negotiate at the beginning of the special military operation, and at the end of March the two delegations agreed on the principle of resolving this conflict.”Lavrov said.

“It is known and publicly published that our American, British and some European colleagues told Ukraine that it was too early to negotiate, and that the Kyiv regime did not reconsider the deal that was almost agreed upon.”he added.

Russia has said it is open to negotiating to end the war, but Ukraine and the United States say they see no indications that Moscow’s statements are serious.

“The more they are [os ucranianos] Refusal [negociar um acordo de paz]the more difficult it is to find a solution.”Lavrov stated.

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