December 5, 2022
Law Parallel to USB-C Finally Approved by the European Union |  cell

Law Parallel to USB-C Finally Approved by the European Union | cell

On Monday (24th), the European Union (EU) gave final approval to legislation that will force the tech industry to change shipper inputs to the standard. USB-C in cell phone and other electronic devices. With this analogy, the devices like Iphone and the AirPods Give An apple Until the end of 2024 to make the transition. The directive will remain published in the Official Journal of the European Union and the rules will enter into force after 20.

The main justification given by the EU legislature for adopting USB-C as a standard port is to reduce electronic waste, since people can use the same cable on different devices (laptops, tablets, headphones, etc.). The block executive also mentions greater convenience for users.

The USB-C standard is here to stay – Photo: Carol Danelli / TechTudo

Depending on the final resolution, devices such as smartphones, tablets, digital cameras, headphones, portable video games, wireless keyboards and mice, and laptops with a charge of up to 100W must have a USB-C port.

On the other hand, gadgets such as smart watches and other sports equipment are excluded from this procedure, as they are objects that are too small to accommodate a USB-C input. In addition, the bloc wants to ensure that the wireless charging solutions offered by the tech giants are also interoperable (i.e., they work on multiple other devices).

What happens to devices manufactured today?

The rules will become fully effective 24 months after the law is published in the Official Journal of the European Union – that is, the end of 2024. This means that all products that arrive in stores before the date of application of the new regulation will be exempt. In this way, such equipment can be sold with special tickets even after the expiration of the procedure.

Apple launches iPhone 15 with USB-C

As we have already reported in take youIt looks like Apple is already testing a version of the iPhone with an entry USB-C. According to rumors, the iPhone 15, scheduled to be released on the market in 2023, may appear Without a special Lightning portresulting in the same pattern adopted in Android phones that also appears on some iPad models.

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