February 1, 2023

Leaked photos of a woman in a toilet bowl taken by a robotic vacuum cleaner

The use of technology has been present and even essential in most people’s lives in recent years. The robotic vacuum cleaner, for example, is one of them inventions Which is used more than others to make life easier for many people. How often do machines fail? One of these robots leaked pictures of a woman in the toilet!

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The robot vacuum cleaner takes intimate photos of the woman

Although technology is created to be used for the benefit of the population, at least in general, it is not always entirely beneficial. To give you an idea, a case of a woman who had a photo released by a robotic vacuum cleaner recorded her while using the toilet was recently published.

The Roomba J7 prototype robot is from iRobot. What happened at the end of 2020 came to light after a group of workers from other companies published this picture and others.

The company released a statement explaining that the images came from specially developed bots with hardware modifications and software. Also, it was not for sale. They also said that these machines were given to collectors and salaried employees, who were already aware that there would be data recognition and video back to the company, so that there would be product and service improvement.

In the document, there is still a column confirming that each user has signed a consent form for each device. Anyway, the company did not go into detail about it.

iRobot only completes by saying that the act of sharing images in social media groups completely violates agreements and that the contract workers who have this situation are completely against previously established rules.

The company selects only images from training with data annotation partners and flags any images containing sensitive information. In addition, a privacy officer is called to verify the presence of any confidential information.

Faced with this, iRobot went on to say that if there is any detection of an offensive image, including nudity, partial nudity, or sexual interaction, it will be deleted immediately.