March 31, 2023
Leandro's daughter stands with her baby in a 15,000 R$ pram

Leandro’s daughter stands with her baby in a 15,000 R$ pram

Leandro’s daughter stands with the baby in a luxury pram

Daughter of the late singer Leandrothe doctor Lindra CostaShe appeared with her child on the first flight after the arrival of young Jose. The dermatologist’s first baby was born on June 9 this year and is now two months old. The child is the result of the relationship with Lucas Santos.

Still immersed in the routine of motherhood, Lyandra did not fail to participate in an important event in her field of specialization. Next to Jose’s little daughter Leandro He left for Rio de Janeiro to participate in the 75th Brazilian Congress of Dermatology.

Some will celebrate after the conference. And the mother’s party is here at my mom. Best place in the world, with my little baby in my arms! ‘ said the doctor. She even stood with the child propped up in her lap and said emotionally, ‘Unparalleled! How did I live my whole life without him oh my god? Appreciate your mothers. The love we feel for our children is very sublime.”

grandson Leandro I also accompanied my mother during the day. To make the trip easier and give Jose more comfort, Lyandra had a pram that was a luxury item! The model used by a dermatologist can be found for up to 15,000 riyals!

The stroller from the Dutch brand Mima and the Xari version is one of the most demanded by mothers and fathers during the service. The style is made entirely of leather and features such elements as a foldable seat, stroller apron and rain cover.

When she was standing with her baby in the luxury pram, Lyandra Costa received a lot of praise from netizens. “Beautiful, stylish and mommy” was praised by one follower. “What a beautiful mother,” said another fan. Another netizen said affectionately: “Jose’s mother is very nice!”.

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