September 28, 2022
Learn 3 healthy foods that you put in your bag and urge you to eat sweets;  start today

Learn 3 healthy foods that you put in your bag and urge you to eat sweets; start today

Santo André, March 19 – You know it Craving dessert that never ends with anything? There are solutions that can help you. So today you will meet 3 healthy food To put it in the bag that takes away the desire to eat sweets.

There is no problem with taking the pill a day, the question is when do you get it Desire to eat sweets any time. This problem, often caused by anxiety, ends up becoming a problem in our lives. This way, you know 3 healthy foods you should have in your bag that will stop your craving for sweets here on the gate Homemade tricks.

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What are the healthy foods that prevent cravings for sweets?

Brazil nuts Brazil nuts are a healthy food that fits well in a bag. This is because it satiates hunger, in addition, it contains proteins and fibers that help the intestines to function properly. Therefore, when you hit the craving for sweets, slowly chew a chestnut.

pruning – This is another food that can be carried in the bag and consumed whenever you feel the need for something sweet. In addition, prunes also contain fiber and make the intestines work well. Try to eat dried prunes after lunch, it eliminates cravings for sweets and is delicious.

chocolate once – Now if you do not live without chocolate, but you need to go on a diet, try to buy only dark chocolate and preferably 70% cocoa. In addition to ending the craving for sweets, they contain polyphenols, according to a post on the portal

your health In February 2021 created by the editorial team formed by nutritionists, the ingredient is good for health and prevents cancer.

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Another feature of The dark chocolate is that it fits in the bag too and you can eat a very small piece to end the craving for sweets.. Now that you know what to do when you hit the craving for a non-stop dessert, watch a video on YouTube channel Você Bonita with other nutritional tips.

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