March 24, 2023
Learn about a Nubank partnership that could earn R$1,500 for clients

Learn about a Nubank partnership that could earn R$1,500 for clients

Check out Nubank’s partnership with an online shopping store that can guarantee up to R$1,500 cashback to customers.

a nubank It has a method of making its clients earn up to R$1,500. Thus, this possibility is a partnership financial technology with Shopee and it may happen if customers make purchases on the e-commerce platform.

In this way, customers of digital banks can benefit and even get additional funds through purchases made in the digital store.

Shopee and Nubank

First, the partnership between Nubank and Shopee will be based on purchases made on the digital store platform. That is, customers, with each purchase, will receive an amount cash back🇧🇷

Soon the amount will be sent to the consumer’s account to use as they wish. According to the companies, the maximum amount that can be accumulated is R$1,500 per month. Thus, customers will make a purchase in Shopee through “Shopping Nubank” and will get cashback with every transaction.

It is worth noting that all purchases must be made in the bank’s application and not in Shopee. The cashback amount may vary according to offers and products.

How will the payment be?

Payment does not necessarily have to be made with a Nubank card, that is, consumers can use the options offered by Shopee. This is because only the cashback amount has to be sent to the digital bank account.

This way, the value can take up to 90 days to appear in the account and the product confirmation can take up to 71 hours. Therefore, it is necessary to be careful and check the Nubank app frequently.

How is cashback activated?

The first step is to access the Nubank app and search for the shopping area. Next, find the Shopee offer option and read the information that will appear on the screen regarding the offer.

After reading and agreeing to the rules, just click on the “Activate Cashback” option and go to your Shopee store. Once this is done, the user will be directed to the online store page. Finally, it should be noted that there is a cashback limit of R$50 for each transaction performed, and another transaction can be carried out after an hour.

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