September 26, 2023
Learn about the 4 oldest animals in the history of the planet

Learn about the 4 oldest animals in the history of the planet

Unlike humans with a time limit of 150 years, some animals live for centuries and millennia. Among them all, record holders are those who live in deep waters where conditions are stable and consistent.

Scientists confirm this fact by estimates, even after the birth and death of animals. We have selected some for you The oldest animals in the world🇧🇷

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Learn about the oldest animals on earth!

Some animals can live longer than the average imaginable. We list some of these animals for your better understanding.

1. Giant turtle

Photo: shutterstock

The first and most famous turtle. Jonathan is a 190-year-old giant tortoise. He lives on the island of Saint Helena and is a local icon, documented by the Guinness Book of Records at the time. This type is able to inactivate the cells responsible for aging.

2. Red sea urchins

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These invertebrates live in the waters off the coast of North America, from California to Alaska. They feed on marine plants and were once believed to live an average of 10 years. However, scientists have seen that they are creatures capable of living for more than a century and avoiding their predators. According to Fishery Bulletin, the oldest is 200 years old and lives in British Columbia, Canada.

3. Greenland whales

According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, the life expectancy of this large mammal is more than 100 years, and it can live for more than 200 years. They have a gene responsible for repairing damaged DNA, which can help protect whales from cancer, a potential cause of death.

4. Rough rockfish

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These fish have a lifespan of at least 205 years. They live in the Pacific Ocean, from California to Japan. They are about 38 inches (97 cm) long and eat other animals.