February 6, 2023

Learn about the best passports in 2023; Brazil is 20 – the news

The British company Henley & Partners prepared a ranking that listed the best passports for 2023. The number of countries each citizen can enter without applying for a visa, whether for tourism or work, was used as a coefficient by the company.

According to the company, Japan has the largest group of countries that local citizens can freely enter: 193. Behind them are Asians Singapore and South Korea, with 192 countries.

When opening the European list, Germany and Spain are not far to the east, as there are 190 countries that do not require visas to receive their citizens.

The first Latin American country on the list, Chile ranks 18th, with free passage to 174 countries for its citizens. Argentina and Brazil come in 20th place, with 170 visa-free countries.

At the bottom of the list are territories in Asia, Africa and the Middle East in particular. Among the ten worst passports are those of North Korea (40 countries that do not require visas), Palestine (38), Syria (30), Iraq (29), and Afghanistan (27).

Usually, freedom of movement for citizens is achieved after bilateral agreements or with political and economic blocs, such as the European Union. The country’s security, economic and political stability is also taken into account, justifying the disparity between Japan and Afghanistan, for example.

Best passports:

1st place – Japan – 193 countries without a visa
2nd place – South Korea and Singapore – 192 visa-free countries
Third place – Germany and Spain – 190 countries without a visa requirement
Fourth place – Finland, Italy and Luxembourg – 189 countries without a visa requirement
Fifth place – Austria, Denmark, Holland and Sweden – 188 visa-free countries
6th place – France, Ireland, Portugal and the United Kingdom – 187 countries without a visa requirement
7th place – Belgium, USA, Norway, New Zealand, Czech Republic and Switzerland – 186 countries without visa requirements
Eighth – Australia, Canada, Greece and Malta – 185 visa-free countries
Ninth – Hungary and Poland – 184 countries without visa requirements
Tenth – Slovakia and Lithuania – 183 countries without the need for a visa
20th place – Argentina and Brazil – 170 countries without a visa requirement

Worst passports:

100th place – Lebanon, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Sri Lanka and Sudan – 42 countries without a visa
101st place – Bangladesh, Kosovo and Libya – 41 countries without a visa
102nd place – North Korea – 40 countries without a visa
103rd – Nepal and Pakistan – 38 visa-free countries
Rank 104 – Somalia – 35 countries without the need for a visa
105th place – Yemen – 34 countries without an entry visa
Rank 106 – Pakistan – 32 countries without visa requirements
Rank 107 – Syria – 30 visa-free countries
Rank 108 – Iraq – 29 countries without a visa
109th place – Afghanistan – 27 countries without a visa