March 30, 2023

Learn about the performance of the actress who worked alongside Van Damme in “Kickboxer: Challenge the Dragon.”

actress Rochelle Ashana I played the character the following in “Kickboxer – Dragon ChallengeShe was born in the United States and comes from a Filipino family.

After graduating from California, Ashana moved to Maui, Hawaii and began working for Trilogy Boat Cruises as a photographer.

Rochelle gained worldwide fame by appearing alongside Jean-Claude Van Damme. After that, he starred in the series ‘The A-Team’ and ‘Hooperman’.

The actress teaches children at an art school. According to the information your profile shared on IMDblives near Washington, D.C., where she runs a photography business.

On Instagram, the actress has just over 4,000 followers and she always shares pictures that show off her routine and also her new projects, as well as reminiscences of the past.

Rochelle Ashana is on the left.

In Kickboxer, actor Jean-Claude Van Damme plays a young karate fighter. After defeating his brother, he decides to continue his legacy by fighting the fearsome Tong Po, a powerful warrior with outstanding martial arts skills.

The film was directed by Marc Desalle and David Worth and has a sequel, Kickboxer 2 – Dragon’s Revenge. With an approximate budget of US$1.5 million to US$2.7 million, the film grossed around US$50 million at the box office, becoming one of the great successes of Van Damme’s career.

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