October 1, 2022
Learn how to disable this iPhone feature that is making a lot of people angry

Learn how to disable this iPhone feature that is making a lot of people angry

Shake to Undo is an iOS tool that has been around since previous versions of the iPhone. This feature allows the user to erase the text by simply shaking the device. However, this alternative can become an obstacle in the daily use of the device, even with the development of the tool as a form of accessibility for people with limited mobility.

If you don’t need to use the tool but haven’t yet learned how to disable it, you’ve probably run into some issues recently, where a simple move at the wrong time will bring up a popup asking if you want to undo the text. This can happen even after deleting a portion of the text by default.

Therefore, users Iphone That does not take advantage of the resource must learn how to disable its implementation. Although it is not a huge inconvenience, it can get in the way and even harm common tasks within the device.

How to disable iPhone vibration feature?

To disable the feature within your device, see the instructions below. If you want to reuse the tool, just follow all the steps and you will have the option to go back to your iPhone.

  • go to settings,
  • Scroll down and tap on “Accessibility”;
  • select “Touch” or “Touch”;
  • Press the “Shake” button to undo and manage to disable the feature.

After doing each step correctly, you will be able to bid farewell to the pop-ups. iPhone usability will be more enjoyable every time you choose to browse the web or reply to an email or message in certain apps.

Update on iPhone

Some of the updates that iOS 15 brings are audio and video improvements in the FaceTime app, which include portrait mode and spatial audio. Shared with You allows photos, articles, and other content shared from your Messages conversations to reappear in linked apps.

It is necessary that you connect your device to the Internet via Wi-Fi. Then follow the steps below:

  • go to settings”;
  • Then go to “General” and then “Software Update”;
  • There will be two software options available: You can continue to use iOS 14 and iPadOS 14 and continue to receive security updates. If you want to upgrade to iOS 15 and iPadOS 15, select this option;
  • Click “Install Now”.

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