March 31, 2023
Learn how to 'fix' your Instagram feed and reduce suggested posts

Learn how to ‘fix’ your Instagram feed and reduce suggested posts

You can’t stand to browse files Instagram With so many ads and suggestions that have nothing to do with your preferences? Learn how to better control what appears in your Instagram feed from now on.

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1 – Use the option to feed by publication date

One of the recent news on Instagram was the reactivation of the timeline feed. This means that you can follow the posts of your favorite profiles in the order of publication. Therefore, the most recent posts will appear first in your Instagram feed.

To make this change, simply click on Settings and access the Continue section. Another option is to use the “Favorites” feed – it displays posts from selected profiles.

2 – How to prevent suggested posts?

If you want to stop seeing suggestions in the Instagram feed, you can block the display of suggested posts within the social network. This way you can make the platform stop showing pictures and videos of unknown people on your home screen.

If you want to block suggested suggestions, just find a suggestion and tap on the X-shaped icon, located in the upper right corner of the post. Choose the “Enable snooze mode” option. The ban has a limited time and will only last 30 days, then you have to redo the process again.

3 – Say what you don’t like on Instagram Feed

Another way to better determine what appears in your Instagram feed is to tell the network’s algorithm what you don’t like. To do this, just go to the settings of the post you do not want to see and select the option “Do not suggest related posts”.

4 – Use Instagram on the web

One way to avoid unknown ads and suggestions is to access Instagram through the desktop, in the web version of the platform.

ready! If none of the alternatives work for you, the only way to avoid seeing what you don’t want in your Instagram feed is to leave the platform.