February 6, 2023

Learn how to get a natural look!

Among practicing bodybuilders, there is an old saying that says: “He who grows naturally is a vegetable.” The phrase refers to the use of steroids anabolic To achieve a very muscular and defined body. Although most athletes turn to compounds for this purpose, it is possible for them to get into excellent shape in an all-natural way.

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According to sports consultant Leandro Twin, this goal is entirely possible. However, he maintains that it is essential to have more discipline than athletes who use anabolic steroids.

“We have to understand that it is estimated that we will reach our genetic limit within 20 years. The good news is that this limit can reach 90% in three perfect years (in an observational estimate),” the professional told the website. Land.

Want to gain muscle without anabolic steroids? Take care of the lean and fat mass

According to Twain, the natural figure strategy involves juggling an increase in muscle mass with a loss of body fat. For this, it is necessary to use nutritional techniques known as “bulking” and “cutting”.

In bulking, the athlete focuses on gaining a lot of mass (fat and muscle). While slicing, the goal is to drain off all the fat.

“You gain muscle mass, gain fat, and then remove it. Follow this process sequentially until you reach at least 90% of your normal limit, ”explains the pro.

For him, the rule is to keep your fat percentages as follows:

  • men: 12% to 20%;
  • Women: 18% to 28%.

“A good starting point for consumption is a diet with 4g/kg of carbohydrates, 2g/kg of protein and 1g/kg of fat. For cutting, the same amount of protein and fat and more or less 2g/kg of carbohydrates remain. Remember, the numbers are just a very broad suggestion and can vary a lot, but they are something reasonable as a rule,” explains Leandro Twin.

Seek professional help to get your natural look

Vocational guidance is also essential. An athlete looking for more expressive results needs to go through a nutrition specialist and physical education professionals. Working together, the two will give you the tools you need to achieve your natural look.