July 15, 2024

Learn how to get Banco Inter Black Card more easily

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Posted by Interbank Cheers to those who dream of getting a black card from a digital bank. In the post, fintech announced that its cards can now be presented more easily to the general public.

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According to Inter Bank advisory, some information cannot yet be released, but what is known is that there are Inter posts on Instagram related to international investment firms, which may mean that access to Black will be limited to investment terms.

How to get a black credit card

To get a black card, customers currently need to invest about R$250,000 in the bank, or even maintain monthly expenses with the credit card in the amount of R$7K.

This announcement of easy access to the card generated positive expectations among the public wishing to purchase the service. Many believe that the value of the investment can be reduced.

Investor XP recently reduced the investment amount for the audience to join the service and become a black user. The amount that used to be R$50,000 is now R$5000.

Nubank also has a novelty, it is the Ultraviolet card (Mastercard Black). To access it, the customer must invest R$50,000, or he may also pay R$49.90 per month. Compared to these two options, the Banco Inter black card is still the hardest to get.

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