May 31, 2023

Learn how to increase your credit limit!

a nubank It is a Brazilian financial institution that has become one of the largest digital banks in the world. The company offers several types of services, such as credit cards, investment options, and more. Currently, fintech is the fourth largest financial institution in the world latin america.

In this way, the file nubank It is increasingly being used by Brazilians, improving its functionality and always striving for innovation. However, many fintech customers complain that credit limit provided by the company does not meet your needs. Also, many users claim that increasing the limit is a very difficult task.

With that in mind, in the article just released, you can check out some tips on how to increase your domain Credit limit at Nubank And get one extra money Until now today!

Extra Money Today: How to Increase Credit Limit on Nubank Now?

a credit limit Available by nubankAs with other banks, it is defined according to the customer’s financial history, as well as through periodic credit analysis.

In this way, financial institutions can learn about the payment terms of consumers. So he paid the bill Credit card Updated and clean name are factors that contribute a lot to increase your Nubank card limit, And so conquer extra money.

In this sense, according to Sirasa pointsHey nubank It performs the query to check the customers’ ability to pay, analyze whether they have debts, or whether they pay their bills on time. With this in mind, in order for users to reach a higher limit, fintech has created “Frontier Evolution.

With this function it is possible to check the previous limit, the result of the last credit analysis and also what will be the next date on which this assessment will be carried out. In addition, it is also possible for the customer to inform nubank What is the credit limit you want?

To access the new functionality, follow these steps:

  • Access to the application nubank on your cell phone
  • Then click on the “Credit Card” option.
  • Now, click on Set Limit;
  • Select the “Evolution Limit” option;
  • Choose the “Suggest Limit” option;
  • Then answer the questions that will appear on the screen;
  • Finally, enter the required limit and confirm.

How to quickly clear the name?

As already mentioned, to get the largest credit limitit is very important for the customer to own Clean name. Therefore, if you are negative, then it is necessary to put all debts on paper. Next, you need to make a financial statement and all the money received in the month and how much it will be allocated for spending on basic needs, such as water bill, electricity, rent, etc.

NuBank: Find out how to increase your card limit in April. Photo: playback.

At this point in the process, many specialists recommend using a technique called ABCD. This method consists of dividing the monthly expenses into four parts, namely:

  • A – For accounts related to food.
  • b – for basic house bills;
  • c – for accounts that can be “bypassed”; that it
  • d- For unnecessary expenses.

In this way, by settling all outstanding debts and “clearing the name”, he is a client nubank You can easily increase your credit limit. This is also true for other financial institutions.