July 24, 2024

Learn how to listen to your favorite music offline on Spotify

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Learn how to listen to your favorite music offline on Spotify
Learn how to listen to your favorite music offline on Spotify

Music streaming models have already come to replace the old way of listening to music through discs and CDs. Now, you can find huge catalogs with almost complete variety of all possible discs. It is even possible Listen to music offline on Spotify.

With this, users can have great experiences with their favorite music, even without internet access. This procedure even saves mobile data, since the download is advance and does not involve the consumption of the Internet at all.

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How to download music on Spotify?

The whole process is very simple, so you just need to anticipate the moments when you are offline, to save the songs beforehand. After all, it would be impossible to use the entire Spotify platform without access to networks. However, the app allows you to download songs to listen to when you are not connected.

So, tap on the album or playlist that you want to save on your device to listen to it offline. Then notice that there is a download icon next to the heart where you can save discs to your library. After that, just click on the button to download all the available tracks.

In addition, you can configure offline playback by clicking on the gear icon on the main page of the application. Then head over to “Audio Quality”, click “Download” and choose the quality level you want. However, you should be aware that more data will be spent because the quality is higher.

How do you listen offline?

In order to be able to listen to songs without connecting to networks, go to settings again and turn on the “Offline” switch. This will allow you to be able to open and listen to all the downloaded items without the need for the Internet. With this tactic, you will be able to schedule flights and times when you will necessarily be on layover. Even because no internet doesn’t have to be synonymous with lack of fun!

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